Hello everybody, I have been to the doctors this morning to see about my medication. I am now back on tramadol and i've had my ampitryptaline increased as well and i have been given peptach for my acid. I have a hiatus hernia and its been playing up. The nasal spray that i was given two weeks ago hasn't kicked fully yet,the doctor says it could take another couple of weeks to fully work. I think it is giving me some relief.

Yesterday i had my family up for lunch and we had a lovely day. Then hubby had to run our son to doncaster airport as he has gone to lithiana for ten days. My poor hubby was exhausted bless him.

I'm sleeping but not for long and i wake up,look at the clock and go to the loo. I'm like that all night long. What sleep i do get is good,but its just not four or five hours at a time. I just wish this knee operation would hurry up and come. I just get fed up feeling ill all the time.

I have two lines of washing outside getting dry so that means a load of ironing to do,not too worried about that as i have a press and it makes life a lot easier. The sun is shining even though its not as warm as it was last week.

Hope each and every one of you is feeling good today.. xxxxx

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  • have you got an approximate date yet? Its so hard, waiting


  • No Cathie i haven't got a date yet. Tomorrow i will email his secretary and see if she can find out for me. It seems i've been waiting for ages for it to happen.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Sylvi

    I hope you get a date soon.

    Thinking of you Sci x

  • Hi Sylvi

    I too have an ironing press. I have one for last 10 years. How do you get on with Tramadol? I've read somewhere that it can make you drowsy/sleepy? I am always tired and take it twice a day but even before I started the meds I was always sleepy! I've had a reasonable day. My fingers and hands are sore and my leg is constantly hurting but I have been busy today and haven't focused on it. That probably means I'm going to have a bad day tomorrow then!

    I would cross my fingers but I can't so I hope you get an appoitnement soon. My life revolves around appointments at the moment but I don't mind as I can see that they are helping me.

    Angie x

  • Angie,

    I've only taken one so far,but i've felt tired all day. I've slept most of the afternoon as well.

    I wouldn't be without my press and i've had it a long while. The only expense i have with it is the covers i have to order for it.

    My life also revoves arount drs. hospital appointments, like you say you can see that they are trying to help,but it is only trial and error all the time as what works for one person doesn't always work for another.

    Its very cloudy here in the midlands now. Its getting colder here as well, i'm not looking forward to a return of the cold weather.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Hi Sylvi,

    It's awful waking up in pain. I hope you get an appointment soon and that the Tramadol helps in the meantime. I don't like the way it makes me feel but it does take the edge off when the pain is particularly bad. I might look for an ironing press - it would really save my hands.

    Julie x

  • Its really great Julie i wouldn't be without mine. Mine was nearly £200 when i brought it, now you cane get them for about £100 so they have dropped in price since i got mine. Well worth investing in one.


  • Hi Sylvie,

    hope you get your op soon. I might look into getting one of those Press, sound great.

    xx Gina.

  • Hi Sylvie,

    I too have problems with sleeping. I wake up on and off all night and then need to go to the loo because I have woken up. I turn over in my sleep and then I am woken up with the pain in my back/legs/shoulders/ and etc., etc. either that or find that an arm has gone to sleep !!!

    Then there's the 'terror' (or should I say the 'terrier' - Jack Russell) I wake up to find he's sneaked into bed with me and has more bed than me, plus he snores! (usually right by my ear) and he dreams a lot which causes his legs to go 19 to the dozen plus a weird sort of a bark accompanies the scenario.

    Hope you get good news soon


  • Judi, what a laugh you have caused me,i can just imagine you and the terrier in bed together!!!!! I won't report you to the rspca !!!!!!!!!!! (laughing my head off that)

    Having had a laugh at your expense it is no joke not being able to sleep. I don't have a dog to sleep with but i have a husband who is probally just as bad. He always wants to sleep on my side of the bed!!!

    I am now on 3 amytryptaline at night and despite having to get up to go to the loo,i had a fairly good night.


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