hi all its jack im back

hope u r all keeping well been in touch with syl on here quite a lot my HERO

OLD thing seem sto have hit again though what a bugger after doing so well Well a few aches and pains but nothing i woukld wright home about.

had a bit of a slip where when going liverpool i could not keep up with wife now me little noduals on me tow little fingers are showing me the signs that its back

Well i told you on here i usually get 5 years now for another 2 years to clean it up again.

and im not on me bikes booo hoooo and tt is in 4 weeks and im booked in but i go to Salou next week (this should be good )lol  the tabs im on have been real good them prednisolone things but they can cause ligament damage over time Well thats what it says on the box SO im off to the docs on wed  Keep tuned in for more pigs in space.

regards john

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  • Hiya John!!!! Great to see you back well sad you are here for not being so good! 

    Glad the bikes are still around even if u can't manage at the moment. 

    I'm still trying different drugs boo hoo but saw consultant today and could have my drop as I'm not well enough and have tested to it but they gave me a steroid Jan, that should see me nicely through Glastonbury. 

    It's cheered me up seeing you back!!! Enjoy salou! 

  • hi allanah  wondere how many of u would remember me hope the old jab sorts you out for glastonbury yep i just built another and every time i finish one i notice this bloody thing comes back to haunt me its as if it knows HA WE HAVE FINISHED THE BIKE the body then says lets bugger the old git up so he cant use it lol i have 3 weeks to pull something back in the old leg and every other bloody thing  for the tt (i live in hope)

  • Well get those stiff little fingers out and get to the TT races! X as you know I loved if there too!

  • the jury is still out allanah can jj pull it off again i feel like a one legged red indian in an ass kicking contest lol

  • Good morning darling, hugs for a start darling. You need to have your drugs upgraded to meet your changing health darling. Salou oh its been a long while since i have been there. I still have a glass a bar owner let me have when i offered to buy it from him when we were there. It was about this time of year as well. Lovely clean place to visit and the markets oh i could spend a lot of money there.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • you could be right their syl but ive reserched a few things today and yesterday and i have come up with a few ideas ME BIG END HAS GONE lol

  • Hi John, good to have you back, although sorry to hear that it's for the wrong reasons! I wondered where you'd got to. Let's hope the doctors can sort you out. Take care.

  • hi caza lovely to here from u again hope u r well

  • Well John, how lovely to hear from you again, albeit with a few problems.

    Was actually wondering how you were the other day.


  • Carolynx MANY THANKS thought no one would remember me on here hope you r cooking on gas with better than u was

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