cooking on gas as well as can be expected

HI all not posted for ages but im doing ok at the moment my rumi woman is a god she does not leaver any stone unturned

latest im on them steroids cos me hands all pealed off and when sore on the other stuff with it (ie sulfazine)

I have managed to get back on all the bikes WHICH AS BEEN BRILL cos i didnt think i was going to manage the 600rr bike but ive been on it

next on the list is the last one the push bike Not looking forward to turning them pedals over lol

ive also had a bone scan to see how i am before im on these steroids for a long time to check where i am now.

apparently T1 ON THE HIP AND T 1 1/2 ON THE OLD BOTTOM OF SPINE so this stuff helps maintain the old bones.

Only problem i got is these tablets keep ya waking up early so ya need a bt off a kip in afternoon.

next week tt iom so looking forward to that wifes going with me not going on the bike And i thought this time last year i would have been going round in a wheel chair i was that bad.

so its keep fingers crossed the aches and pains dont go worse.

nb i had tb bone tb showing up in blode and they think this also contributed to the lupus.

hope every one is well as can be expected on here regards john

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Glad you're feeling better John. Nice to see you back on the site


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Minks mate!!!!!! So glad you got back on that bike!!! Brilliant you thought to tell us. Isle of Man soon eh!!!!

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So lovely to hear from you. Truly pleased for you that things are good. x

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John i am so looking forward to hear hoe the IOM tt goes. Xxxx


My hubby loves his motorbikes too and just told him about your love for

Bikes,he said good luck and hope you will be out and about really soon.he has a zzr 1400ccKawasaki very 1000cc and a old Honda vfr firestorm so feel for you not being able to get out on your bike.take care Michelle x


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