well to all those people that replied and i bet a car that my bloods would come back normal (have you wone)

phone up today regards bloods cos doctor thought somthing inflamatory was going on

Well the outcome was a big fat normal so no one has wone the car.


Big toe has improved a bit but im still having pivns and needles in feet and that ankle is still hurting me giving way just feels like all my tendons are drying up. And i could not get warm this morning with a sore throat that this thing has taken some of my teeth away from me. i can only put this down as something going on that noone has herd about But im dam sure gama infernon test would show something up. like latent tb but who knows im at a loss after 10 months of this next test ultrasound again on ankle.

many thanks for all your answers

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  • Sorry your no further ahead John 😩

  • no im not caza i wish i was next ultrasound on ankle but feet feelt realy cold all yesterday then by 8pm they sort of whent red hot to hot and its getting murder to walk on them which i have to do today also i had a real sore throat again yesterday and could not get warm have to keep getting up and putting some circulation back in instead of sitting cant think how this could have developed from some small ankle pain maybe it is my knee thats causing this but at 11 months out now its not getting any better for me at all

  • nope no further on caza and the other big toe has started now dam and blast i keep trying walking on them but keep butting myself in more trouble and the bad sweats where back last night again i ether cant get warm or im woke up wet through with sweat and i have not a clue what the heck is going on in my body.

    Your feet are cold u thhink i will walk a bit up and down in the house and no it dostn help.

  • I don't have any answers for you but really hoping you'll feel better soon x

  • Damn! I'm gonna have to make do with the aged Ford Fiesta.

    Damn! You're no further forward. Thing is, some inflammatory conditions do not show up in blood tests. Psoriatic Arthritis is one of them (I did have high ESR / CRP, but many people with PsA do not show any inflammation or anything else in their bloods.) And this is one of those diseases that for some reason continues to fox some rheumatologists. I don't particularly think you have PsA but I'm not a doctor and it might be worth asking about it. And also worth asking whether there are other inflammatory conditions that don't show up in blood tests .... could be a good discussion to have with your rheumy.

  • hi postle2 (psA this psoriatic Atheritus)? I dont even have a rumi person now all i know is started after hernia opperation 8 weeks after just a bit of pain in ankle and spread like everywhere in 12 months since opperation now then moved to my knee then hand then gums

    Its a bit like my body has gone in revolt cos somthing has been put in side me it dosnt like for some reason. or maybe because knee is not tracking under knee cap its thrown my walking gate out now and this has thrown my back out of line a bit and this is where its all comming from I just whish i had a broken arm i could cope with that in one place not half a dozen. but i have been here 4 years ago now and have had this for the 4th time But this time it has got more stronger at doing this to my body. IM USUALLY ON THE MEND AFTER 12 MONTHS BUT NOT THIS TIME. Las time the rumi man i saw private said it was enthesis and the mountain gets higher every time till u reach the top and come down Well this time its mount everest. lol

  • Hmm, well Psoriatic Arthritis (which is what I meant) can cause widespread enthesitis. That toe you posted a pic of was not good - PsA does cause something called 'sausage digits' though personally I've not had that and pics I've seen don't look quite as angry as that toe of yours.

    But in any case, if you've got yet another mountain to climb you need some sherpas, starting with a rheumatologist I reckon. A damn good NHS one for free. Just tell your GP you need a referral and you need it now. I know it's not always quite that easy .... but flipping heck, haven't you put up with enough?

    I wonder too whether your tendency to mend is just the ebb and flow of an inflammatory condition? I had 'episodes' for years before things got so bad that a flare-up just stayed and stayed ......

  • That's what mine seems to be doing and tired of waking up sweating like mad Kayley and the other toe has started of now I'm getting feed u with this now cold feet are hard to walk on really hard

  • Have you had thorough thyroid tests done? The tingling, dryness, difficulty to regulate temperature,throat pain can be signs of hypothyroidism. The imbalance may cause neurological symptoms as well.

  • No simba have not tried this but would that not have shown up in my bloods I dont know what tests they do for this. But i will look at thyroid on google WOULD THIS MAKE ME SWEAT AT NIGHT AND GIVE SORE THROAT AND COLD FEET

    Been and got some B12 see if that helps at all.

  • The normal blood tests do often not pick up on thyroid problems you need to tell yiour doctor you want a thorouhg one. Yes sweating and cold feet are typical symptoms.

  • thanks for info but i dont get the joint pains and like inflamation how this is associated It google again could be anything but a good pointer is it could be psa

  • Before my joints were hurting and before my RA was diagnosed I had very much the same symptoms. It is not unusual that thyroid symptoms preceade RA. I started taking iodine drops daily and the constant freezing and nightsweats stopped.

  • Iodine drops I could do with something like that keep me from sweating

  • Reply thanks for that but I can't understand is ankle then knee starting swelling up after hernia operation and well I do have lumps on fingers to so would thiroid do this also or have I got 2 going on

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