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first enbrel shot

today is an important day for me . its the day , i will be given my first enbrel shot .. its taken a 4 1/2 month wait since i was told i would be starting enbrel and after only taking nsaids and pain killers with MTX on / off for the last 7 years i finally feel hopeful that this maybe something good ..

i`m waiting this morning for the delivery from home care ,, once its delivered i after take it with me to see the rheumy nusre who is going to show me how to stick it in .. " hope she`s gentle " :(

ive not posted for awhile ,, so did everybody have a nice hectic and exhausting christmas ??

all the best for the new year ..

andy ..x.

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Hi There,

Good luck with the Embrel,

I started mine in May 2012, and it has transformed my life, totally different to all other attempts/ treatments.

My hands struggle with actually giving the injection but it is so worth it,

let us know how you get on,



That's great Andy. Good luck with the injections. I'm sure she will be gentle all nurses are(except) the one that's on the clinic this morning...... she is still practicing..... only joking. If she says just a little prick.... don't be offended. I used to work with a consultant who always said that. I did struggle to keep a straight face.

Good luck I hope it works well for you.

Carole. :-) :-)


That's brilliant news Andy - good luck! xxx


Great start to the new year Andy. Hope it all goes well, i had enbrel and found it easy to do!! And remember its the quality not the quantity of the "little prick" (Enbrel injection of course!!!!!!) that counts lol

Good luck Mate



Hi Andy, That's great news, Hope everything improves a lot better for you, Christmas for me wasn't that great, nor was new year's day, But as you know i had some great results last weeks, so a big turn around, Take care Xxx


Wooooooooooo !!!!!! Go Andy !!!!!! Really really pleased for you and hope it turns your life around :))))) now get back to ur housework :))))) love Michelle xxx


Hope it went well - let us know how it was. Good luck


Good luck and I hope you start getting results from it quickly, though don't worry if it takes a while to kick in properly for you.


Andy hope this works for you and the nurse was gentle.


Sounds more promising than the delivery I got today - a DVD I'd ordered online & was really looking forward to that turned out to be in Italian with no subtitles. Enbrel has got such a good reputation hope it works brilliantly for you Andy. Luce x


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