More waiting for Enbrel

Had a hospital appointment for what I hoped would be to get me started on Enbrel. Sadly however it was another box-ticking exercise and I still have to wait - about two weeks to get it. I think this must be the last phase, but it doesn't help much.

two interesting things, I was offered the choice of an injecting pen or proper needle. And I was told to stay on pred until the enbrel is established. Not too happy about this as its messing up my diabetes, but there you go.

So what a waiting game!

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  • Ah Cathie that's annoying, let's hope once you start it that it kicks in quick, I am waiting for simponi at mo and know be at least 4-6 weeks before actually get the drug. Keep your chin up x

  • It helps when they tell you doesn't it! I hope your simponi comes soon though!

  • Doh, so frustrating , hope you are not too disappointed xx

  • another xxx days with restricted life… its like starting all over again. but at least I have you lot on the forum.

  • Sorry to hear this Cathie. It's two steps forward and one back all the time isn't it?

  • Hi Cathie, sorry you have come away disappointed today. Hope you get it all sorted soon. xx

  • frustrating isn't it , I am waiting to start cimzia and was told it would be a couple of weeks , ( 2 weeks ago ! ) still waiting , I guess the bank holiday hasn't helped , feels like forever when you are waiting , I sympathise. x

  • It helps to know were not alone. But I'm working up a protest about delays and how the medics don't acknowledge that we're more than just a bag of unrelated symptoms. I hope you don't have to wait too long

  • OH Cathy I am also still waiting, they said 2 weeks, that was 2 weeks ago,!! I think we went at the same time for Enbrel, so lets hope it wont be long now, ( fingers crossed !) I have also been put back on Pred while I wait !

    It's no fun is it. xx

  • Oh dear, where are you? Im in Scotland and was told 5 working days on receipt of the form. Apparently BUPA delivers here, who 'does' you?

  • I'm in Wales, I have been told that the prescription has gone in and am now just waiting for a phone call to say when they are going to deliver it !

  • Pred for me too. How much do you take? I'm on 10 a day, been told that I've got to stay on this until I start the embrel and then taper off very slowly. Its not doing much for me at the moment!

  • no I am only on 5 a day at the moment then start 4 next week then 3 the week after and so on

  • I think we must be at about the same stage, but getting information out of the hospital is like squeezing out of a stone. It'll be interesting to compare notes on how we get on. My family come from Wales (South Wales Valleys). we were supposed to have a little get together with family from Bridgend and Portcawl but my mobility wont allow this for the moment!

  • I'm also in Scotland, and it's healthcare at home that deliver. You have to wait after it's delivered for a nurse to visit to go through the injection process! Even if you've been injecting for years!

    Hope you don't have to wait much longer. M x

  • Hello, I go to the western general and yesterday they told me that since I've had injectable mtx and also diabetes meds in a pen I could opt to skip the nurse. And its BUPA - I wonder how much variation there is even within NHS Scotland. I hope its doing you good.

  • I'm in Scotland too, and it's health care at home who deliver. When it arrives, you will have to wait until a nurse visits to take you through the injection process....even if you've injected other meds for years!

    Hope you don't have to wait too long. M x

  • I'm afraid that it looks as if it's not working. Hope you have better luck! M x

  • can you try another? They said that there wouldn't be a gap (not sure if I believed that) if I needed to try another. I was on infliximab for ten years and it worked well, but not immediately.

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