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Doctors appointment

Am still in much pain from neck and shoulder on left side, am going to try to get a doctors appointment today, maybe I will be able to get some stronger pain killers. Have had this for nearly 6 days now and getting very irritable as I'm not sleeping at all well and the pain is just getting to me now, I need to do something.

On a brighter note, daughter and I made some lovely mince pies yesterday, very tasty, I don't expect they will last long.

Wonder how many of us night birds are up tonight? Wish I was asleep!


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Hi mazza

Been awake since 1 hubby also so having a cup of tea pain in feet and hands tonight

Hope you manage to get a doctors appoinment for your neck and get some pain relive

Anyway goi g to try and get some sleep hope youhave a lovely xmas karen x


Hi Mary also in the insomnia club not particularly in pain just not sleeping but can sympathise with you with the pain keeping you awake and remember what that was like so much worse.

Hope you get an appointment today and some good pain relief.

have a lovely xmas crisxx


Me too Mary i am up with the silly o'clock brigade as well.I am getting a bit tired of this!!!! Hope you get to see the doc in the


and me as well, this is getting ridiculous, Mary would love to hear what the doctor says to you - my neck and shoulder pain hasn't eased either.


Have managed to doze on and off for a couple of hours, waiting now to take next lot of paracetamol.

Sylvi, hoped I wouldn't see you on here tonight, you must be so fed up of being awake during the night, do you try to catch up during the day. I get so snappy when I haven't had enough sleep.

If I can't get an appointment, I might just have to camp out in the waiting room til someone see's me! Lol

Here's hoping you all get a bit of shut eye.

Will let you know how I get on later today.

Mary x




I also have had a dreadful night, my shoulder and arm pain decided

to attack both sides of my body.

Most of the night was spent tossing and turning and making tea.

The only slight relief I get is by hanging an arm over the side of the bed,

but then that sets off the other arm as I am putting all my weight on it ):)


Chin up folks.


poor you, hope you managed to drop off eventually and have got an appointment so can get some relief for the rest of the week. Polly


Hope you get it sorted, Good luck xx


Hi, mazza59. Sorry about the pain, can be soul-destroying. But, if you can e-mail me a mince pie, you;ll have a friend for life. Hope you get a good sleep and a pain free Christmas. Good luck


Oh poor you, i got morphine and oramorph and gabapentin and since then do sleep without much disruption. But hope you get seen soon and get your appointment sorted out. I use a v pillow and pillows and it does help your shoulders get into a comfier position, happy christmas, love Axx


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