Good morning everyone. Well i am off to the doctors this morning to see if her can make my life a bit more easier,i know i am trying to catch balloons as we will never get better will we. Well the main reason for the visit is the pain and the problems in my neck,not that i have much hope,but i can hope can't i. I also have trouble with my hands as well. I just get fed up of never being pain free and not being able to do anything.xxxx

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  • Good luck with the appointment hope she can help you get some release. Xxx

  • Thank you darling.xxxx

  • Hope she can help you Silvie.

    Hugs to you x

  • Good luck Sylvi x

  • Well i got sent for a blood test so after the drs thats where i went. First though he has upped my steroids to 30mgs again for five days and is waiting on the blood results. So while i was down the hospital i decided to get the x-rays done the consultant ordered as well as the bloods. The x-rays consisted of feet,ankles,hands,shoulders and neck. So i was a long while down there and i haven't been home very long and i can say i am truly fed up what with the pain and everything else. If only these medics suffered like we did they would soon try and fix it i am sure.xxxx

  • It's something my GP says. She's told me before when she was still a student they were given something to replicate how an angina attack feels & she says it really helped understand that condition & wishes it could be done for more.

    Now, feet up Sylvi please. x

  • Yes mum!!! i have just had a howling session,so now i am resting like a goods

  • Hugs my friend. Hope steroids help xx

  • Thank you

  • Do you live on a canal ??

    Good luck with your GP, pain is a bitch (sorry) to control


  • No Bob i don't,i went to an airborne parade and we went afterwards to a pub by the canal basin in Coventry and as i took my camera it was too good an opportunity not to use

  • Hi Sylvi,

    Glad you got to see her and she acted.

    Its good that she might get a better idea of any damage when she gets the xray reports but you should remember that they dont always show the full extent of the problems, they are just a guide. I have had both knees and both shoulders scoped and the xrays in all those joints showed only mild - moderate arthritic changes but when they went in at surgery, all four were bone on bone. Apparently there were small parts of the surfaces that had almost full thickness cartilage but that was enough to stop it from showing a big decrease in the cartilage space on plain xrays. I was told by a radiologist that its because in rheumatoid it can be unevenly eaten away, whereas osteo wear is more often than not, fairly evenly worn down. Thankfully my ortho knew that and went ahead with surgeries based on my symptoms.

    Anyway I hope that you get some answers quickly, its horrible being in limbo. XXX

  • Hugs and hugs! Here's hoping the steroids will give you some relief. I'm just coming off my taper and I don't wanna!

  • This is the second lot in just over two weeks darling i just hope they work this time. I am not thinking about it if they don't work.xxxx

  • Good luck with the steroids. In a similar position. My hands have been bad since Nov. Had mtx added to sulp hydrox and Napr in Jan and slowy increasing. Ihad to see the G.p on tues due to the swelling etc. He gave me predisolone this morning I have less swelling and can move them better than I have done for months.

    Hope you get the same effect.

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