New Rheumatologist Appointment

Hi, as some of you know I decided to return to Canada to live with my son and his family.  In the last 2 months I have had several flare up's but they lasted a  day  or two which was good. They always lasted much longer when I was in the UK. I have been here now almost 4 months, I now have a gp at the same clinic my son goes to and yesterday I heard from the clinic that I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist on the 13th May. I thought I would have to wait several months. I have a really good friend who will take me to the appointment. That is the good news, I also found out yesterday that not all of the medications I take are covered, at least 3 of them and it could cost me about  $300, per month. It made me realize how lucky I was to get my medications free in the UK. I never complained about the NHS as I considered I was well looked after. I did say that even though it is much colder here it was the damp weather in the UK  that made my RD pain feel worse.

I am hoping that the new Rheumatologist can sort out my medications so that I can start to reduce the steroids I am taking and that I can stop some of my other medications and no longer have steroid induced diabetes.

I wish you all well and  now that you have the summer to look forward to you will all have less pain from this horrible disease we have to deal with. Hopefully, they will find a cure one day, sooner rather than later.

Take care everyone, Sue xx

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  • Good luck Sue hope everything goes well let us know X X X 

  • Thanks  Shazbat, I will let you know how I get on.

    Sue xx

  • Hi Shazbat, hope you are keeping well on your meds. I have been on Tocizumab injections now for several months and also leflunomide which is causing me terrible side effects. Wednesday my Rheumatologist stopped the leflunomide and put me on sulfasalzine which I was on 15 years ago. I only started that yesterday she wants to see me in 10 weeks as she feels the injections are not working as well as she would like and us considering changing. The infusions I thought worked better. I have checked on here and a couple of people have had the same side effects and the Rheumatologist had to stop the medication also. I am very happy with my Rheumatologist here she is very caring and on the ball as far as meds.

    I will be in touch again soon, take care my friend.

    Sue xx

  • Hope you  get your treatment  sorted out, so that you can really enjoy being with your family. Best wishes, Mavis xx 

  • sorry to hear you are going to have to start paying for some of your meds Sue.  I do hope that everything works out for you in Canada and you are going to be able to get your health back on track soon.  If you have a sympathetic dr you may be able to get some advice for them in terms of paying for meds. 

  • Thank you, I really hope so. They may have alternative meds that I can have.


  • they do have a larger variety of drugs but I would just do some research before trying anything new.  All the best with everything.

  • Thank you  I will Kalel.

  • Oh you did make the move to Canada! Welcome! Did you apply for Trillium? They will help cover drugs not covered under provincial and/or private health plans. 

  • Thank you, I will try Trillium online today.

    Hope you are keeping pain free as possible.

    Take care, Sue x

  • Hi Hobbits,

    I went on line and checked out Trillium, I  also went to the pharmacy and got the form to apply for assistance in paying for the medications.  I have another appointment in 3 weeks to see the new gp again after the blood tests I had last Friday. I will have another chat with her and the following week I will see the new Rheumatologist and see what he has to say. 

    Hopefully,  it will all go well, I said that I will let everyone know.

    Take care, Sue 

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