As you lovely folks know my hubby has been in hospital. He is home and on the mend,he has to take more antibiotics and return to the gp next week. He has 2weeks of sick.

Thats the update done,now to possibly make you all groan or smile. He went in last thursday and that night my bed was cold and i didn't sleep at all well. Same every night until tuesday when he came home. Tuesday night slept like a baby and the same last night. Its surprising how having a man in your bed aids sleep!!! I think he did it on purpose to make me appreciate him more(only joking) but boy do i appreciate him a lot more. So people tell your other half you love them because there'll come a time when they won't be there,thats a thought i don't even want to completate.


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  • Glad you're re-united. I have terrible trouble getting to sleep and I'm afraid I must keep my poor long suffering wife awake too with all my tossing and turning.She makes an excellent hot water bottle but I have to be careful not to touch her with any cold bits or I end up on the floor. I often have a craving for Weetabix at about 2am and have to go downstairs to satisfy this. I wonder if MTX is upsetting my hormone balance in some way

  • Whatever turns you on ben.!!!!!!

  • Great news


  • Thank you.xx

  • Very glad to hear that he is so much better and back home with you:-}

    Cece x

  • Hi Sylvi

    Glad that he's home and on the mend - good news on the sleep front too.Long may it continue !

    Julie xxx

  • Here i am thinking i should have kept my big mouth shut. I was down here at 1.15am,but not because lacking one hubby,but sadly it was because i was in a lot of pain. I went back to bed at 3am,but i've been up since six. My fingers,knees and feet ache. It has been raining quite heavily here in the midlands over night so thats probally what is causing it.

    Sylvia. xx

  • Hy Sylvi, glad he is home. Did they ever find out what was wrong? As he is on antibiotics sounds like an infection of some sort.

    It is raining heavily here to and has been since late yesterday afternoon. My fingers are stiff and my feet hurt so assume it is the weather as was fine earlier in the week. It is also very mild and muggy which doesn't help either.

    Hope you will feel better soon. Have a rest this afternoon and put your feet up. I often nap in the afternoon for an hour and it does help. LavendarLady x

  • they said it was diverticulitis,thats why he has antibiotics. Rest thats something i won't get today as i've 2 appts down the hospital 1, to see shrink,2, to see eye specialist and i've to get blood test done and got to make appt for ot as well.

    It has been raining here very heavy during the night and it is very damp here this morning,but it isn't cold very humid as well.

    Enjoy your rest and i'll let you know how i get on today.


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