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How many more disturbed nights?


I am getting slightly miffed now. I have been on these tablets for 2 weeks.

I am increasing the sedative effect by adding codeine (just took two an hour ago).

And I still can't sleep.

One good thing about being on facebook at midnight is having your brother on facebook at the same time in New Zealand. We managed to talk on messenger. It was nice to hear his voice. I saw him last spring when he did what I would call his farewell tour. He has stage 4 cancer and has had the diagnosis for a year now. I think this just adds to the overall miffedness of my world on occasion, but as he says chin up and move on.

Can't decide whether to stay in this chair or go back to bed and listen to hubby snoring.

Night all


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Hi JacquiThomas999 I am still awake too as I am most nights trawling thru tv channels for something to,send me to sleep.

I don't go,back to,bed because I fidget and twist and turn etc that I Disturb my hubby and he needs every bit of energy to,look after me every day.

I amnot on face book,personally but it must be so,nice to catch up.with your brother so far away in Aus and so,poorly too.Isnt social media these days brilliant.?

Which tablets are you taking?

I am on steroids and I think these add to my sleeplessness and codeine

haven a nasty effect on my bowels ( constipation) .I think need affect everyone one way or another.

Stay in your chair a little longer and then go,back to bed.You will appreciate the cuddle and the snoring later.

Nite nite.

Take care



I am on steroids, but I take them in the morning. I have IBS to add to my list of medical complaints, so have the stuff to unglued my tummy. My hubby is working a 12 hour shift today (he is a HCA at Ashford Hospital and will be on his feet all day). I decided to stay in the chair. I will go to bed and try again at 5 am.

Sorry you are up with me.


Yes still here.I have tried watching stuff on tv but going thru a phase of spasms in my back.If,I lie,down I need help to get up,so I am better off sitting upright in chair.

Not good for my list of other complaints either ,but it gets us all ways doesn't it?



Whoops sorry pressed send too early.

I take my steroids in the morning too but still climbing the walls late at nite.

Thankfully IBSb is not one of my complaints - am so,glad .

If your hubby is working 12 HR shift he I'd going to need every minute,of his sleep,that he can get.

At least we can catch up.on our sleep,later in the saying we need to,or are you out during the day too?



I am off sick at the moment, so I may sleep in. Although I do need to make a Dr appointment for the end of the year. There is no way I could work at the moment. My lack of sleep is a hazard when you drive a bus! I have physio working on my shoulders, hand and feet and now counseling organised to help restore my sleep pattern and help me through some of the emotional aspects of this horridious disease.

Oh well, 55 minutes to the alarm.

Have a good rest when you get it.


Jaqui i cant see that you have said what tablets you are refering to?, so sorry to read the anxiety regarding your brother, he sounds strong and stoic.


I was prescribed codeine but decided the upside of initial relaxation was countered by being more awake later on. Seems like you have the same reaction.

Hello Jacqui I can't remember the last time I had a hole nights sleep in one go got to be before the children were born that's 39 years now , so when someone lets you know please pass it on , no I honestly think it comes with the RA or really the drugs we take and not being very comfortable laying down in bed not much help but just to let you know your not alone in that one, 🌟Dawn

Be very careful with caused me such severe constipation ...I only took about 6 tablets over a couple of days...I ended up in hospital having nasty things done to me to sort things!!!

I now include it when I'm asked if I have any allergies!

Argues that research show it is just as effective to take a placebo (If that's possible!!!)

Of course the big benefit of a placebo is there are absolutely no side effects!!! And given constipation is a really bad side-effect for people with RA that that I would recommend a placebo any day.

Now what would your doctor say if you asked for a placebo to help you get to sleep? Would he/she feel their job was under threat if they did not recommend a real drug - with real side-effects!


I am so sorry for your brother Jacqi - I just lost my brother in law early this year to stage IV lung cancer. It is very hard when you have no way to positively impact anything.

I understand on the sleep too - so many nights I wake up a 9:30 or so, and lay there for 4 - 5 hours trying to sleep. I might then fall asleep for a couple of more hours, but the damage is done more or less... I wish I could offer some help, but maybe it helps a little knowing you are not alone?

Hiya Jacqui. It's hellish when you can't get proper sleep, I was the same at one time though it was OA pain keeping me from restful sleep. I think I'm right in saying that mirtazapine is a med which is titred up, similar to amitriptyline, so if your present dose isn't helping & you haven't had a review to increase the dose maybe that's whats needed. Just as an example I started on 10mg & had monthly reviews where the dose was increased until I reached the most effective dose. I now have proper restful sleep & my, does it make a difference to my days! x

I had a phone call this morning, starting counseling next Thursday, hopefully sleep will be first on agenda.

Thank you for all the support.



So so sorry to hear that Jacqui.