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More news from the Castle

More news from the Castle

Just when I thought everything was coming under control, Himself started coughing and sneezing yesterday (didn't stop him going to the pub though!).

Last night, he decided to go into the spare room to avoid me being woken up by him coughing. So I had a blissful sleep on my own with only the older labrador for company.

This morning, he has stayed in bed whilst I have walked the older lab, fed all the animals, got my breakfast and generally did all the chores required to tidy up the castle to greet the new day. Boy , is it cold this morning but fine.

Why is it that for the last 10 days, I have carried on doing everything I normally do despite thinking that a day in bed would be just the job to make me feel better, but the moment a sneeze strikes, Himself has taken up his bed and is staying there! It must be one of the mysteries of the Universe. I carry on coughing and sneezing, cooking meals, working etc. without any respite or help.

What's the betting that come lunchtime today, he will be up and out and off to the club to meet up with friends for a lunchtime drink! Although I must admit he did cancel his golf this morning so a bit of common sense broke through . I also told him this was just the sort of weather to turn a cold into pneumonia. Very sympathetic me! lol. And I expect he will go to work tomorrow and give it to everyone else there instead of being sensible and taking the day off. The office won't fall down without him either although he thinks it will.

Well that's the update from me. We went to the Xmas Quiz last night and won it and brought home a bottle of champagne. So we will share that with the friend who was on our small team and her husband who was doing the bar, when they next come round. My friend is waiting to see the specialist about her knees as she has been told it is her kneecap causing the problem - she has been in such a lot of pain and had difficulty walking as well and cannot stand for long. Don't we all know that feeling!

I believe I heard a stirring from the man upstairs who is giving a good impression of being a corpse - will wait and see if anything materialises!

Love, LavendarLady xx

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LL thats typical of a man,i think they call it man flu. They go to bed we carry on. I always thought that we are the stronger sex,if men had to carry the first baby there wouldn't be any more as they couldn't stand the pain(tongue in cheek). Are you feeling better,by what you've done today sounds like you are.

Love sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi, yes I feel much better today thanks. The corpse finally stirred itself and came down and has now (wait for it) gone to the club for a drink having picked up his friend as well. Now talking about walking the dogs this afternoon across the fields. Pneumonia is waiting in the wings! they never learn.

You're right about babies - human race would have died out long ago if left to the men! lol.

The piccie at the top is of my then newborn grand daughter at 3 hours old. Now almost 7 going on 37!!

Hope you are ok and feeling brighter. Love LL x


I'm exhausted,lack of sleep does that to you with the pain it is a right mix. I've had to take my wedding ring off as my knuckles are swollen,it hurt like hell haveing to take them off it was something i like thinking about. You can't half see how bad the fingers are now.

Children are like that these days,old before they have even grown up. They have everthything but they have nothing really. No safety or freedom to do and go where they want. Its a lot different from when i was young.

Take care LL. love sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi, sorry you are feeling so rough. I agree lack of sleep due to pain is awful. many the night I have lain awake trying to uncramp my fingers, put my wristies on to keep my wrists warm, every time you move, it's like being rammed with red hot needles! And the next day, you feel like c...p.

I've had to take my wedding ring off several times but fortunately, i have my mother's ring which is larger than mine so I usually wear that until my finger goes down again. I had the same problem with my right little finger and had to have my signet ring made larger. Now it needs to be made smaller again.! Just can't win.

I agree - our child hood was very carefree compared to today's children. We could and did roam everywhere only coming home when our stomachs told us it was tea time. Nowadays, parents seem to think there is a paedophile lurking behind every bush and won't let the children out of the garden. I blame the media for hyping things up.

Hope you feel better tomorrow. Are the splints working ok? LL x


Yep, what did I say above? The corpse is up and out and down the pub!

LavendarLady x


Hi LL,

Just read your blog, and had a good laugh my hubby is the Irish twin of yours!

Although golf would never be cancelled!! Sat & Sun crack of dawn off he goes, in every kind of weather, what is it with men, and I have to say, when he is not playing he is watching it on TV _ i just don't get golf.

In nearly 30 years of marraige, I have never known him to take a day off work, sick, well maybe one day in bed with a vile tummy bug, that was probably samonella, no doctor has ever attended. He is self employed, but as not always busy am sure he could chill a bit more.

He could be dying on a wednesday with a head cold, but would he ever miss the few pints with the 'lads' never!!! They are all the same.

Can't say I am keeping going myself at the moment, but thats because its physically impossible with 3 broken ankle bones, otherwise, I guess I have kept going thru everything, as I say (quite meanly) to my girls when they are ailing after a weekend dancing & partying, I had you to look after when I partied. (hate mothers that do that).

Anyway, as Lazurus has arisen, I presume he is on the mend. Just thinking my hubs has run out of his Cholesterol med, and thinks nothing of not bothering to take it for few weeks!!!

xx Gina.


Hey LL you sound a lot better and i laughed my legs off at your post - typical....your little granddaughter was a beautiful baby - cute wee thing. Hope the husband comes backed cured of the cold and not any worse.


LL , great post.. men. !!, well done on the quiz win, im sure the champers was a great incentive xx



Hope hubby recovers from his man flu so that your house hold can return to normal.

My hubby was of work thursday & friday with an upset tummy (was on the way into work when he turned back) and of course he spent the two days in bed apart from when I need help, which he duly helpt where needed and he never moaned.

He put my black & white moggy misty out of place as she normally sleeps on the bed with me during the days. I did not want to rest with him in the bed as he does not like the tv on and basically we have different habits, so I pottered or kept myself downstairs until he was ready to leave the bed, when I, exhausted went upstairs with misty in toe!

Hope you all enjoy drinking the prize.

Take care

Sci x


Hi Everyone, Lazarus having risen from the dead, promptly succumbed again when he got back from the club having called into Tesco's and stocked up with another meds to start his own chemist shop. He then spent the afternoon and evening in his chair, wrapped in my slanket, coughing and sneezing and groaning, complaining he was cold and finally took himself off to bed in the spare room where he remains. Don't know if he is going to work today but I am - need to get away. lol. LavendarLady x


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