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Catch up

Its been a wee while since I posted, December is a ridiculously busy month, my eldest has a birthday and turned 8 which involved shopping and party arranging. Then there is a full schedule of school based christmas events for both (youngest is in reception) which have all been very pleasant. On top of that is work and ofc organising and preparing for Christmas..

Am shattered, RA is okay atm but am suffering with every bug my little darlings can possibly carry home from school and am currently without a voice (cause for celebration in some parts no doubt) antibiotics and my usual regimen (once more I thank the heavens for pre-payment) are the order of the day, every day. Had Rituximab in November and whilst I cant definitively say its had any real positive effect I can absolutely say there have been no negative reaction so roll on April for round two..

Hope you all have a great Christmas, will endeavour to 'pop-in' as I know not all of us are 'lucky' enough to be surrounded at Christmas..and may New Year bring pain relief for all x Linda

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Linda,i too have a pre-payment card and it has saved me £100s of pounds. I hope you soon get your voice back. Happy


Hi Linda glad to hear you are feeling ok at the moment and that the infusions are working for you. Treasure those special times in your childrens lives,

Hope you remain well for a long time and that your treatment continues to work well for you

hope you have a happy and painfree xmas



Pleased your infusion is working x


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