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Forgive me, dearfolk, but I haven't got it in me to go back and catch up on all the posts. I'm out of hospital as of yesterday, and I see my psychiatrist tomorrow. I've started taking cisamet (also called nabilone and something even more unpronounceable) and it's working on my pain. I'm a little floaty today, so I'll probably start taking it a little earlier in the day, but it's quite astonishing to have the pain just...vanish. It's a synthesized cannaboid that comes minus the more psycho-active THC, so I don't know if it's available in the UK, but it's covered by my health care here. I can't make any promises to keep up well, but I am back.

Gentle hugs to the the huggables,


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  • And very wonderful it is to see you. I know you've been going through a very tough time . Well done for crawling out of that pit. I think you needed to hit rock bottom. It gives one something to push against, doesn't it?

    I'm huggable - ouch! Some things are worth an ouch or two!

    J xx

  • Yup, definitely worth the ouches. I'm rejoining my life a piece at a time, and being here is a very positive thing for me. I really like that phrase, hitting bottom gives something to push against. It was truly a very close thing, but if I can consider that a starting place for wellness, I think I'll be okay.

    xx Bats

  • Yes it's nice t hear your back , 1 step at a time then hopefully you'll bounce back. Xx

  • "Hitting rock bottom gives you something to push against" is a brilliant phrase. May you rise to the top to happiness!!!

  • I don't care that you can't get through all the posts i just care that your back with us. I am glad your home and starting to get on the mend darling girl.Love from me with the multi-coloured hair.xxxxx

  • Hi Bats, glad you're home now! Please don't worry about catching up, just relax and continue to feel better. So happy you have relief from the pain. That's wonderful. Still sending good wishe's for your continued improvement .👍

    Always keep your head up with positive thoughts.💕

  • Welcome back, love and gentle hug back to you. Xxx

  • Nice to hear from you Bats--- onwards and upwards woth the amazing strength that you manage to keep finding☺xx

  • Nice to have you back, and pleased that you are getting relief from the pain. The flowers are coming back to life after their rest and so are you.

    Sue. X

  • Hi Bats,

    lovely to see you are home, lots of very gentle hugs from me in Tooronto.

    Take care, Sue xx

  • I'm so happy that you have found something to help the pain. I know the cannaboid products do SO much to help the pain. My sister lives in Colorado and it's legal there. She has Lupus and it has helped her pain so much! I've tried it while there and I couldn't believe how much it helped. The floaty feeling will go away with time. Gentle hugs to you!

  • Hiya Bats! Pleased to hear you've got through the the other end of your dark period & that your pain control is getting there. I believe there was something on TV yesterday (or the day before) talking about medical cannabis, if it's of interest (worth viewing!) & if I can find it I'll see if I can link it here, it may be of interest to some of us in the UK. We have talked about this before, someone kindly gave a link to a couple of CNN episodes which were very interesting. I remember included in the report was a huge guarded controlled cannabis 'farm' somewhere in the south of England, being grown with the purpose of testing & producing cannabis for future medical use, I guess the end product is similar to your Cesamet.

    I hope you're less floaty today & released that bit more from pain. x

  • Hello dear Bats - I was delighted to see you on my post earlier and very touched by the sentiments you expressed too. I read a beautiful poem of yours at some point but wasn't here enough myself to track it down and comment in praise. Please do just as everyone advises and take things one small but positive step at a time. LoveTxxx

  • Nice to have you back Bats. X

  • 🇨🇦 Welcome home! :)

  • So happy your pain has just vanished. This disease is dreadful. You have had such a rough ride.

    I wish you peace.

    Take care


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