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tis the season to be what happy/sad/fed up

Well here goes,Am going to the doctors tonight as i'm not sure whether i have a virus or chest infection {every things a virus these days} I am so fed up and tired,not sleeping well either. I am very weepy as well don't want to make decisions or be bothered with anything.

I'm writing this on the computer upstairs as my laptop has a hardware problem. It just seems everything i touch goes wrong. My hand won't go down despite the splint.I ache all down my right side,my knee well they can chop it of for all i care at the moment.

Since i have had diverticulitis my health seems to have taken a nose dive, like every one else on here we are all down and i'm adding to it as well. Lets hope christmas day brings some cheer for each and every one of us.

Sylvi. xx

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Now i have a chest infection, up my steroids to siw a day for three days plus amoxillion . Great isn't it what a christmas present to have. Lets hope it eases off by sunday.

On a lighter note i might get my laptop back tonight if not tomorrow, thank goodness.

Sylvi. x


Oh Sylie, That is nasty, I am so sorry to learn of that. Are you coughing alot? Hope your dr. recommended some cough syrup besides the antibiotic! You could put a kettle of water on simmer on the stove, put some cinnamon and orange rind in it and add some steam and fragrance to the house, and your chest! Hope you are already better. Love, Loret


My steroids have been upped to six a day for three days and the antibiotics are for seven days,so hopefully by xmas i shall feel part of the human race again.

Love, sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi, there is an awful lot of infections around at present. My husband is still coughing 2 weeks after he had that awful cold. The amoxicillen should soon get to grips with the infection and start to get it cleared up. Should take about 48 hours for the anti biotic to really kick in.

Try to get plenty of rest and not overdo things to give it chance to work.

Take care and keep warm. Love LavendarLady x


Thanks, Just wonder whats next.

Sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvie,

Hope you will feel better soon. Tuck up and keep warm, at least you are all prepared well in advance for Xmas, at least you did'nt leave everything til the last minute.

x Gina.


Forgot to mention earlier, i've finally got a referral to find out what is actually wrong with my knee. Got to make appointment and then ring drs with fax number and she will do the referral that way so as to save time.

Thanks for your thoughts. Sylvi. xx


Whew! I am so glad to see that! Things going in the right direction for you. So, sit still, with a glass of Irish Cream, or Wine..a Tawny Port would be lovely, and enjoy the wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. God bless, Sylvia, I'm glad I met you :) XX Loret


Loret,i'm teetotal,haven't had a drink for ten years. I don't even miss the drink now. Mind you if i had been drinking when i got my ra diagnoses i think i would be dead now, because i wouldn't have been able to cope. These thing are sent to try us,i say god only gives what you can cope with. At The moment it makes me wonder.

I have app in January to another consultant, so hopefully i'll find out whars wrong with my knee.

I will sit all xmas and hopefully this chest infection will have started to go away. I can wish can't i.

I'm glad to know you to loret,i have made some wonderful people here,that includes you my friend.

Sylvi. xx


Hi, It's me again! I have 2 questions...How do you become a volunteer and what all do you do? and......What is tatoo?

Over here it is very intricate permanent ink drawings on the skin but didn't think that sounded like what your daughter was doing last week. ??


over here a tattoo is also a military display and as my daughter is a standard bearer for nuneaton british legion and she goes on parade and this was a big one for her. It was in the national indoor arena at birmingham.

I asked if i could be a volunteer and they looked at my blogs and yes. It was a surprise to me to be given the role. It was a moral booster i can tell you.




Sorry to hear that you have a chest infection on top of everything else.

Congrats on becoming a voluteer.

Hope you recover before chrimbo, take it easy,

Sci x


Thanks darlin. XX


Oh Sylvi!

I hope you feel a bit better soon, I wish I could wave my magic wand and make us all better - that would be lovely!

Thank you for your support through your messages - you are an inspiration, and so caring -

Take care, keep warm and I hope the antibiotics kick in soon - I've just finished mine!!!

Happy Christmas xx Pen


Hi Sylvia

Sorry to hear you're suffering again and really hope the antibiotics kick in quickly.My dear husband is sniffling and moaning about "flu".(he's got a cold but prefers man flu) so i'm keeping out of his way! I'm really pleased you got the referral for your knee-hopefully you'll feel better when you know what your dealing with.Oh and congratulations on becoming a volunteer - you're a real asset to the forum

Lots of Love

Julie xxx


Thank you ladies,it meant a great deal to me,i'm not working and i felt i didn't have anything to give back and that i had become redundant. It is hard to explain how good it is to feel i now have something to contribute. This last year i have lost faith in myself due to what has been going on in my life and with very little confidence and with all the help on this site from everyone it has humbled me to think you all saw something i didn't.

I have had a crap night really,but as i've only had one capsule i can expect that,but hopefully to feel better by xmas. So everyone get your poorly selves or poorly men to the doctors and get sorted out so at xmas we can all have something to celebrate.

Thanks for all your love.

Sylvi. xx


Morning Sylvi,,, I hope you begin to feel better soon, I'm just getting over a cold/chest infection and am beginning to feel like my old self now. You should start feeling better by later today or tomorrow at the latest.

I haven't been back to work for eight months now and at first I felt useless but now I have started experimenting in the kitchen and have made some lovely treats, I also make my own bread every day (I use the dough setting on the bread machine and then make rolls) my Steve loves them. I also belong to the internet scrabble club which I use to pass the time. It's great as I love scrabble. I am crocheting a throw from ages ago when I bought the weekly magazine with a free ball of wool with each, I still have a long way to go and I can only do it when my hands are good, and I can only do the little squares, not anything more intricate but I do manage a little each week. On the days when I am feeling really rubbish I just lay and watch TV or movies.. I am resigned to being "retired" now and am just coming round to enjoying it. My new grandson should be born any day now so I'm looking forward to that too..... Keep safe, Jan xxxxx


Sorry to hear your problems with your chest on top of everything else ... I to have been suffering from repeated chest infections over the last two years, earlier this year my Rheumy arranged for me to have a CT scan and Pulmonary function tests, my results showed that I have Bronchiectasis of the lungs, this is linked to my RA it effects about 10% of sufferers, the damage is not reversable and means you are open to chest infections, I therefore always have to have a supply of AntiBiotics and stroids available at all times to attack any infection straight away, so far I have had to spend 10 days in the last year in hostpital as a result of infections. If you keep getting infections make sure you get tested.

Merry Christmas



Ray, i have to say this is the first infection i have had since i've had ra. I am asthmatic though and have had it all my life. This has been going on for a few weeks and i have ignored it as i thought the pains in my chest were because i am very over weight due to constant steroids. I saw my gp a couple of weeks ago and he said i had a virus,some virus hey. This gp has put me on amoxillion at 500mg three times a day so i must be rough and she has increased my steroids from 3 to 6 a day for three days. So here's hoping that by christmas i should start to feel human again. This should now be the end of a crap year for my health and i'm praying nothing else happens.

Thank you for wishing me well. Sylvi. x


Hope you feel better very soon!, thinking of you xxx


Thank you.

I have just been run round the houses just to get records from hospital so i can have a second opinion. Doctor told me to make appt then get back to her with the date and she would fax it over to them. Then we had to ring hos again just get reports and then we was told to go to pals so we rang them and my daughter had to go down and pick up a form for me to fill in and to take back tomorrow. Then we had to ring another woman there for her to start getting my notes together. I can't believe all the fuss just to get a second opinion. It wears you down all thid toing and froing. I'm worn out from it all.

Lets hope next year will be better than this one,it can't be any worse.

Good wishes to you and all my friends here without you i'd be lost.

Sylvi. xxxx


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