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Well no wiser

Went for rheumy appointment this morning and no wiser. Still raised RF but anti CCP and ANA negative from last visit 5 weeks ago. ESR and CRP also normal dont know if this is relevant as I had started to improve over the week prior to last appointment.

Ultrasound did not demonstrate any active inflammation but had steroid injection on 5th Nov so that may have masked things.

So got a diagnosis of undifferntiated inflammatory arthritis. taking part in the IACON research study still and had a gallon of blood taken, had to fast for 12 hours and missed a meal yesterday so was starving by lunchtime. Consultant said they could start me on DMARDS but as no symptoms at present and steroids still in system not starting yet but are seeing me in 4 weeks and will review then. Will then be seen in another 3 months ( there are advantages to being involved in research ) He also said it may be because I was caught early.

so just carry on and see what Jan brings at least I can imbibe over the festive period.

Lost 5kg in 5 weeks since last appointment so happy with that

Hope you all have a happy and painfree xmas crisxx

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Mixed messages here,, think your steroids could be making symptons?

Pleased you are having am improvement x can you tell us a bit about the research study you are in?


Hi Summer I posted on Cathie question about DNA if you google LMBRU and LIMM these are the leeds musculoskeletal biomedical research unit and leeds institute for molecular medicine and they have the research projects they are undertaking on these. I am in the IACON study which is Inflammatory Arthritis CONtinuum londitudinal study which is looking at the genetics of inflammatory arthritis.

How are you with your recent flare and has your dad had his operation, you dont need all that stress with your condition do you

thinking of you and yours crisxx


Good to hear that you've been feeling a little better and well done on the weightloss. At least it sounds like you're getting a thorough looking at and nobody is jumping to conclusions. x


Yes they were very thorough my appointment lasted 1 3/4 hours hopefully its early diagnosis and I may get something more difinite in 4 weeks. Aiming to equal your weight loss and keep it off feeling better already.



Hi Cris ,Don't know if to say great news or not,.. Its is a bit of a misery,.. But at least they are keeping a eye on you, I never had to fast before any of my appointments, Do you know why you had to do that?, It's great that you are still being involved in the research thou,

Great news on the weight loss, Watch out Christmas is round the corner , You sound very determine, i'm sure you will do really well.

Lot's of hugs and xxx


Thanx Shirley yes still a bit of a mystery. I had to fast for blood tests for the research study.

determined to continue with the healthy eating and feeling better for it already

Take care crisxx


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