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Sooooooo Happy!!

I'll try to keep this short.

In August I blogged about how I was feeling low and lower still, but I followed the advise of the people on the site, firstly I went to see my doctor about how I was feeling and to say that I was still waiting for my consultant appointment to come through after 4 months.

He was not happy at all that I was not being kept up to date, he said he would email my consultant.

Within a week I had an appointment through, although a month to wait, thats OK.

I went for my appointment and the consultant was not happy that my doctor had emailed her, but, she said she was going to refer me for Humira, WOW! I thought, she said to keep my phone on me for the next couple of weeks as the hospital would ring with an appointment.

A month later I rang the consultants secretary to find out what was happening, she said Im very sorry , but your referal form was kept in your file, I have just sent it off, but keep your phone on as the hospital will ring you with an appointment.

OK I told work, who were not happy now ( as I teach), but allowed me to keep the phone on.

Didn't want to seem pushy, but a month later no phone call. I phoned my doctor about something else and mentioned this to him, he was not happy again, he said leave it with me.

Within a week I had an appointment albeit in a month's time.

Eventually I get to my appointment and the assessment nurse said "You do realise you have to come to see me twice before a decision is made" I said "no, but thats OK"

At the end she said come back and see me in a month or when the next appointment is. OK

I made the appointment 7 weeks to wait then what??

Went for my appointment today and I have been allowed to go on Humira, got to wait til all paperwork has been signed and delivery made (about 4 weeks and for the nurse to come out) BUT eventually I feel so happy and I haven't even started it yet, it was a little long winded process, but got here eventually.

Sorry for boring you all, but considering my last blog, this is a real turn around and I can't wait to get my life back again and be able to dance.

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement, and hope you have the same happiness come your way.


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Hey Saxy lady,

I see you're a dancer, I know exactly how you feel I went through a nightmare getting diagnosed and then getting the treatment right. I'm glad you have finally gotten the treatment you need, I would love to see a video of you dancing when you feel fit again :)


Oh yes I will, I love just watching people dance, but it does pull at the heart strings.

Cannot wait and will put up a video. Thankyou


I am so pleased you are finally seeing the end of the tunnel :))) but wot a wait !! I really hope you start to,feel better very Michelle xx


Sorry it was long winded, but wanted to share my joy that things do happen x


I enjoyed reading about your journey,I admire you,I hope you get back to wot you do best very soon xx


Hey not long winded at all, lovely to have found this site, I have only had da and ank soon for almost 50 yrs now, and I have finally been given Humera, been on it for just over 2 years now, my flare ups are flare ups are far less severe,,,,, hey you looking for a dancing partner? I wanna learn sumba,,,,, or is it rumba? Nah I'm rum enough ;0) be lucky and keep smiling


Hi thanks james, i have heard that some people have a great reaction to Humira Hope I do!!

I used to teach modern Jive, but am just on the sidelines at the moment, cant wait to get back to it.


Saxylady, i am so pleased for you. Persistance pays off in the end. Well done. xx


Hi Sylvi, it was part of your reply from my last blog which made me get up and be positive in what i was saying to doctors and consultants, you are a great voice to listen to. Thank you


That's great news Saxy Lady - I love dancing too. Tilda x


Thank you Tilda, havent danced modern jive for it must be 2 years, cant wait to get back to it.


Me to,haven't had a good danced for 6 months, what a great result......

Enjoy the good news,...........Its great to hear them..............shirl xx


Good news.. well done x


I know exactly what you are going through you have to push all the time it sounds so similar to what i have been going through with the hospital. I am going next week to get my second testing for either humira or enbrel, I have been in so much pain waiting for this hopefully it will go ahead. I just wondered why you chose humari rather than enbrel, I was given two booklets so which should I choose, any feedback would be grateful , thank Carole


Hi Nantucket, I was not given the choice it was just Humira that they said.

I wish you all the luck, even if there is only a little pain when they test let them know.

I am so happy I am just waiting for the paperwork to be completed and the delivery to be made. Can't wait


Hi have you finally got the humari and how are you? Regards Carole


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