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Anyone have RA as well as a myalgia?


Hi All,

I joined the group several weeks ago but was diagnosed with RA about 6 months ago. I started on MTX 5 months ago - 2 weeks @ 10mg, 9 weeks @ 15mg, 8 weeks @ 20mg but still no great joy so far. I had a recent rheumy visit and stated that since my latest bad flare which was treated with an injection of steroid and then 28 days @ 5mg of Prednisolone I was going downhill after only 2 days. I don't know why the doctor didn't have me taper the dose but she said it wasn't necessary. My rheumy has talked to my consultant and we've all agreed to move to MTX injections and I've been waiting a week for a call to get me in and have instruction on how to use the injection system. I'm not on any other DMARDs or any other treatment for RA. As I probably have polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) or fibromyalgia and this isn't being treated per se I would like to know if anyone on here is or has been in a similar situation. If so, what kind of treatments have you had or are on now? A lot of my symptoms of muscle ache, morning stiffness that often last into the afternoon and no problems with my feet or ankles seem to fit PMR better than RA although there's no doubt I have RA.

Many thanks for reading!

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Welcome, francko!

Most of us will get muscle aches when we just overdo activity.

Sorry you have been diagnosed with RA but good to know you’re getting proper meds.

Best of luck on your journey. :-)

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Hi Charisma,

Thanks. I have muscle aches almost all the time and worse when I did a little exercise or light gardening. When I was on 5mg prednisolone there were no aches, I was walking briskly, using a rowing machine fairly vigorously and got back into swimming. It's quite a change / contrast!

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Prednisolone is like magic but very bad long term. Hope you will eventually get the same relief and freedom another way.

I have PMR (Polymyalgia) very little now but did have it quite badly some years ago. The only treatment is steroids, after the first dose usually around 15 to 20 tablets , there will be an immediate good response if it is PMR.

Try to join the society for good information.

Good luck

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Thanks Topps - I'll definitely take a look at the society.

I am in the same boat as you. Just waiting to see my consultant in mean time am suffering badly

Hi Swimming20 - sorry to hear you're in the same boat. Please let me know how you get on with your consultant.

Hi Francko. R you on any other meds? I would suggest you ask your Gp for something like celecoxib as an anti inflammatory. Your metho is obviously not managing your active disease and coming off steroids is very hard. It’s worth trying a NSAID to keep you going.

Hi Superfloozie - I'm only on MTX for RA and will be switching to injections next week instead of pills. I talked to my rheumy this afternoon who checked with the doctor and they think it's RA+fibromyalgia so she recommended I go to my GP to get something for it. She suggested Amitriptyline. So, we'll see what tomorrow brings!

Oh that’s good. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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