I know that a lot of you have had problems with the NHS so thought you might find a positive message refreshing.I had my first rheumy appointment on 5th November and was given a probable diagnosis of RA and had lots of tests done on the day. Went to GP yesterday for blood pressure check (its OK ) and they had got a letter from hospital although it didnt tell me anything more than I already knew. At the appointment they told me I would get and appointment in 6 weeks but that it may be 10 weeks. Got an appointment today for further ultrasound scan in the biomedical research unit on 11th and appointment to see professor of rheumatology on 12th so just over 5 weeks from 1st to second appointment. Cant fault them for the time but the hospital is a major Rheumatology centre and is very highly regarded as a forwardd thinking research unit.

gentle hugs and positive thoughts to you all


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  • Wow! I wish my diagnosis and early treatment had been like your experience Cris. It's wonderful to hear that everything went so smoothly for you and it sounds like you're in very good hands. Good luck with your treatment and I hope you're feeling better soon.

    Paula x

  • thanx paula

    cris xx

  • Yes WOW I agree with Paula! Which region do you live in if ever I consider moving? I looked at your location but it's hard to tell from such a fragment. Where I live the NHS is a bit far from perfect for rheumatology but I do at least have great GPs. I am really pleased for you and it's nice to have someone on this site being well served by their NHS too. Tilda

  • Hi Tilda I live in Leeds yorkshire (there is a leeds in maidstone kent) andrespected was a bit apprehensive about impending rheumy appointments reading of the experience of others on here but can only say I have been pleasantly suprised by my experience. The hospital which I go to has an internationally reknowned reputation and is at the forefront of research into rheumatology conditions so I think I am lucky in that respect ( not in the RA respect)

    cris xx

  • Well none of us on here are lucky in the RA respect Cris but it's all relative. I count myself as really lucky to have got my RA under reasonable control after a year and count myself lucky with where I live because it's beautiful and I can walk the dog on long sandy beaches. But I count myself as very unlucky in terms of rheumatology service so it's always good to learn where things would be better from that aspect when weighing up about moving one day! Tilda x

  • Hi Cris great to hear you have had some positive news, It really helps to have good days and great feedback when coping with RA, good luck on the 11th and 12th Xx

  • thanx shirley will post after appt to let you all know how I go on. good to know you had a good appt too hos ru feeling after the steroid injection ru still feeling benefit. I am but getting a bit more aching. at least you got a diagnosis and started on some treatment.hope you continue to do well.


  • Great that you are getting such a good service where you live, but it does really reinforce the post code lottery aspect of it all though.

    I must admit I have considered moving to Yorkshire because there are definitely some great specialists down there.

  • Yes I feel I am lucky in where I live and have been greatly appreciative of the information I have found out regarding the rheumy dept in my local hospital. To find that tghe consultant you are under is a leading researcher and has recieved awards internationally for his work is very encouraging. hope you are keeping well

    cris xx

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