Just a quick message to thank everyone for all your lovely comments when I had my op. Katy did well with coping with phone calls visitors and blogs I think, hubby didn't , but was good helping me lol!

The op seems to have gone well, I had three discs removed, spinal fusion and metal cage done. The dressing on my neck was massive, I looked like Frankenstein with a cut neck but then the dressing came off and took it off and you would hardly believe the scar is there there, the sympathy vote went right down after that ha ha. They have left the stitches in another week though.

The nurses in high dependency were amazing! I lost my voice and my legs wouldn't work the first day but they explained everything and I just wasn't worried and as they said things got back to normal after a few days. So recuperating now.

It was my birthday yesterday and I got SO spoiled, great pressies ,you can tell Katy and the boys girlfriends chose them!

So thanks again, bit hard to use computer at the moment so will blog next week,wishing u all those pain free weeks, Axx

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  • Hi Allanah great to hear from you and that your op seems to have gone well. Hope you are feeling well and recuperating. Have you been discharged from hospital now.

    take care cris xx

  • Yes thanksChris, home! They said stay in but you get no rest I there so I came home and the district nurses coming. Also I got a big foam wedge from OT for the bed which is helping a lot xxxxx

  • Get well soon allanah,your katy did a good job on letting us know how you were. I thank her for that. You enjoy your recovery and may it be a spedy one. Love sylvi.xx

  • I'm glad to hear it's all over at last! Now you can concentrate on getting better!

    Ally x

  • Glad your home best place to rest. Own bed and family around you . Love Carole

  • Get well soon allanah! Glad youre on the mend and feeling good ( ish ) home is a lot quieter than hospital so youre in the best place. Take care (((((( )))))) xx

  • pleased op went well hope its not to long a road to recovery gentle cyber hugs xx

  • Hey it's great to have you back here Allanah - welcome home! And please thank Katy for keeping us all informed so well. Glad husband had his priorities right though. Keep recovering well and happy birthday for yesterday! Tilda xxxxx

  • Pleased you are back and it went well x

  • How's ur Dad?

  • Yes Allanah Great news that your operation went well, and you are at home with your family, The best medication going, Happy birthday for yesterday.

    Shirl xx

  • Thanks everyone and in the words of Dame Edna "I love u all"

  • Hi Allanah, so pleased the op went well and that you are now home. Happy birthday for the 4th(same day as me). Just make sure you let the others look after you and don't go doing things too soon. Take care,

    Lottie xxxx

  • Happy birthday to u too, hope u had a great day xx

  • Glad everything went well and that you are back at home.

    Take care and have lots of R & R.

    Wendy xx

  • Thanks Wendy xxx

  • Hello

    Happy belated birthday xxx

    Your daughter Katie done a wonderful job keepjng us all up to date.

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery.


  • She and my Hubby r being wonderful xxx

  • Welcome back Allanah! Great to hear from you. I had that same neck operation with fusion and metal plate and screws 12 years ago. To this date I do not have any problems with it, no pain, no problem with arms, etc. So I feel sure you will be just as satisfied with the results.

    Only little impairment is not being able to turn my head all the way to the side, but I got used to that, not a problem at all. Godd luck with recovery, enjoy the holidays, Merry Christmas to all your family! Love from across the waves, Loret xx

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