Withdrawal of methotrexate!

Well it is now the start of week 3 without the dreaded methotrexate and I am just starting to feel the effects already ha ha. It is also week 3 without my diabetic medication so feeling odd all round today, I have 3 and a half months to go before I start injections of mtx .

I am having a gastric bye-pass done the beginning of march so need to give my body's immune system time to recover both pre and post op. has anyone out there been in a similar situation and what do you feel like after several weeks without mtx oh I have also lost 5 stone so far on my own so less pressure on my joints (just 4 stone to go!)

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  • well done on huge weight loss hope you arent in too much pain x

  • The pain isn't as bad as I thought it might be but its early days yet the weight loss has to be a big factor on my joints!

  • it is a fantastic achievement keep it up x

  • I hope you don't mind me asking but is your op for weightloss? I just wondered why you need such a procedure when you're doing a marvellous job on your own. You seen to have it nailed, well done

    Paula x

  • Well done you !!!! What an amazing weight loss keep it up :))) love Michelle xx

  • Amazing job! Hope you manage to stay OK without your meds xx

  • Yes very well done on the five stone loss. But as Paula asks - if you're over half way there do you really need a gastric band I wonder? I was obese until RA began 2 years ago when I changed my eating pattern and sedentary lifestyle and lost four stone. I am still a few stone overweight but slowly, slowly heading down the way with the help of daily exercise and a careful and very healthy diet. I imagine that coming off your diabetic meds and dmards will be hard and getting used to a gastric band will be too. Good luck. Tilda

  • Well done keep it up

    Love Karen x

  • Fantastic weight loss ,well done you !! Good luck with the next stage ,keep happy .

    Soft hugs

    Angie xx

  • well done

  • Cheers all for the kind comments to answer some of youre questions why do I still want the op simple the weight is easier to put back on than to lose it will be healthier for me it will be less cost to the nhs eg no more pills nd potions diabetic ones, visits to hospital and gp appts for my diabetes blood pressure etc free prescriptions will stop and I can get back to work which I need desparateley forgive my spelling lol I can buy clothes more freely instead of buying xxxl sizes also I can use pain killers less often

  • Thanks for your honesty. I asked because like you I took a long look at myself when I got RA and have managed to shift weight through diet and exercise. I know your fear though because I will also have to be very careful not to allow myself to slip back into old habits. Good luck with your op and again well done on turning your health around. x

  • I wasn't aware that mtx made the weight increase but after being off through a bad bacterial infection I lost a stone and I've never put anymore weight back on but I'm waiting on seeing a consultant to see what I can go on now as I've been off mtx for 3 months and mt rheu arth has kicked in big time I'm in agony again I'm on painkillers but they are only taking the edge off it the worst part for me is I was fine on mtx

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