Tea Parteeee

Well katy and I had our tea party yesterday and what a great time we all had. After spending a lot of time with Nigella and the nras recipes on friday and i have discovered by inner domestic goddess and found i can bake... really! And a lot of my mates brought cakes too so it meant i could let them have more... for a donation of course ha ha.

By Saturday my enthusiasm was lacking, thank goodness for the OT's gadgets! However on Saturday with the bunting up and a lovely sunny day so we could use the garden and conservatory, people started arriving...early!! They were meant to come between 12 and 3pm, instead it was 11am and people were still there at 7pm!! Then the teens and the guys and others decided we would all have a takeaway , that lasted until 10pm, I actually went for a nap at 6!!!! We all wore tea dress or smart clothes and played petticoats and dreamboats 50's type songs. But it was great fun, a bit tired today so have rested, but all in all I would say to people do it!! We made a good amount for NRAS so we were delighted. Unfortunately all my pictures are too big for here but I put a picture of us oldies on the NRAS facebook website if you want a look.

love Axx

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  • Congratulations Allanah :-) Sounds like you had a great time, as well as raising money! People were obviously enjoying themselves, to stay so long:-) Well done Allanah!

    Love Janet xxxx

  • Well done allanah it sounds like you had a great time. xxxxx

  • well done i did two tea parties in 2010 and will do one this year x

  • Think we will have to make it a tradition too!

  • Well done! Sounds as though you had a great time. Good idea to finish off with a takeaway! Thank you for your support of NRAS.

  • Sounds great - I'm planning my tea party for August.

  • Thanks Allanah, great job! Looked like a lovely day!

    Anyone who fancies doing the same, you can find out more at nras.org.uk/teaparty

    Best wishes,


  • Well done Allanah, like everyone else, I'm really pleased that it went so well for you. It must have taken some courage to put on a tea party, because you never know how you're going to be feeling on the day. Very glad for you and have a well earned rest :-) June xx

  • Well done, sounds like a great day. Hope you've enjoyed a rest today.

  • Well done you! But 50's songs....why not Barry playing? Px

  • Lol, I didn't want them to leave!

  • Oh and of course it was Katy's organising !

  • sounds like a really great day, you should be really proud of yourself xxx

  • Sounds like you had a lovely time along with raising funds.

    Well done, a long rest now needed & well deserved.



  • What a champion...... well done to you and

    Katy and all your supporters....

  • Thanks guys, was just sharing, not boasting!!! xx

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