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hello, well i am in complaining mood ... avian lol

Ok as you might know I have a formal complaint in about all the cancellations particularly being taken off the theatre trolley on the way for my spinal op!

I am now angry as I just swapped to the nearest hospital for my rheumy appointments. I have been very sore with lumps in my hands and feet since last thursday. I have contacted the rheumy helpline which was always quick in my last hospital. This time they said the Doc wold look at my notes , i contacted them on Friday and he hadnt even been in( then nurse told me he was in) and now I cant see him till Friday. one week in pain blast it.

so i feel like complaint number 2 or transferring back to my good rheumy!!!! Help i am turning in to Victor Meldrew , I DONT believe it!!

ha ha Axx

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Allanah, not surprised you have a complaint in. Can't believe you were actually taken off the trolley on the way to theatre having been prepped etc. What was the excuse this time? World War 3?

I would be hitting the roof and complaining bitterly to everyone I could think of including the Care quality Commission. Hope you get some answers soon and a heartfelt apology with a definite unchangeable date for the operation.

You need either to switch back to your old rheumy or really kick up a fuss with the new on. Not easy when you are in pain I know. Have you tried anti inflammatory meds and paracetemol to help for the moment? I also find sticking hands and feet into cold water helps to reduce inflammation as well.

Best wishes. LavenderLady (2 whinging dogs today - driving me up the wall when I am trying to get on with some work).


Lol LL

Yeah I have put in a formal complaint and the chief exec is due to send me a report of ALL my complaints about the cancellations for my op? But when I went in for the op and did get it they were wonderful to me! Will let u know what they say.

Also when I see him Friday I will see how he copes me with me cos he was rude on my first visit and even put in my letter "this anxious lady" lol, anxious is not in my character !!! So I wanna know who he was talking about!! Ok I was a bit apprehensive meeting a new Rheumy team as its important to me but notnanxious! if he is the same I will transfer back to my old Rheumy even though it means more travelling, they used to hug, laugh and cry with me!!!!!

Oh and whilst i am in grumpy mode, these blooming spellchecks!!!!!!!! I put again in the title,and it decides it doesn't like this and changed it to avian , I don't need auto correction!!!!!! Bah!!!!!



Lol! Allanah, I was wondering...what does Avian mean? Isn't that a reference to birds?

Curious and questioning Loret :)


I know exactly were you are coming from Allanah.. nhs bah.. not any good even for their own who join back of queue!, wish I could afford private care x


Yes but most of the consultants I have seen dont do private care and especially as insurance won't cover you for long term illness

. Talking of insurance wot a con!!!! Car insurance is compulsory so they hike the price up! When u have an illness travel insurance impossibly priced, health care insurance ...oh sorry it doesn't cover that procedure!!!!! Bah !!!

Oh and the dep of work and pensions, yes we will tell ATOS you don't need to sent this form to them 10 phone calls later, still not done and now threatening letters from ATOS , BAH!!



Oh and blooming answering machines " your call is important to us " is it heck !


I know it's such a case of double standards in most of these bureaucracies isn't it? My son used to get in lots of trouble at school (slightly autistic) but when teachers would come into class five minutes late he would say "and what kind of time do you call this?" to them!

I think you were better off with the last rheumy by the sounds of it. Your RA is quite aggressive and of course it's really important that you have someone good whom you trust. My rheumy ended his last letter about me by saying "I sense that we are making some progress although there are still a lot of anxieties. I will see her at my next visit in November". Well perhaps if he actually had seen me each time he said he would there wouldn't be so many anxieties? And like you I get most anxious when people describe me as "anxious". My OH read it and said I was being a tad paranoid - he thought that the anxieties in this context were general not mine only. I don't think so though .. it's something about this general stuff that makes me feel these docs have their own code and their own agenda where patients are concerned!

Tilda x


And another thing!!!!

Not being taken seriously

Ha ha. U know me Debbie only joking , but not about answering machines. Waited in all day for the dep work and pensions " we will call you back between 12 and 4.30 pm"did they bet your life they didn't!!!!!!!!!P

Gonna complain tomorrow!!!!!!!! Bah



Oh and the worst one, " the look"

You know the one where u go into a really nice store ie Harvie Nicks and the assistants give u " the look" as though what the heck is that fat disabled woman doing in here!!! I know I don't fit the sizes but I am generally after something for my size 4 daughter or just perfume, so STOP staring at me as though I should fall into a hole ll! Bah bah Axx

Going to parents nite now............GOD HELP THEM !!!!! You might hear about it on the news ha ha xx


Oh well blast a few of the less pleasant teachers away for me too Allanah. And as Debbie says you're hardly a moaner - must be a sign of recovery I feel? TTx


Allanah, i so know where your coming from. My claim against my hospital is still with the solictors and the hospital denies liability saying they did nothing wrong. My second operation is prove that somwthing was wrong. Will i get anything,i doubt it,will i have the other knee done down there NO NO NO. I stay in pain before i will let them touch my knee.

You mention your on benefits and you get the look that your a scrounger and you must be raking it in,i wish. At the moment i am having a down day with lack of sleep and pain. I am never pain free of any sort,somedays the pain is bearable and then a day like today i want to throw all the pills in the bin. The goverment isn't any better,they have condemned before we even start. They want everybody in work yet where is the work that we supposed to be able do.

Like you Allanah i am fed up and downbeaten by it all. Thanks for letting me rant with


there was an article in the paper today that said that it's estimated that only 1% of claimants are benefit frauds, but 30% of newspaper stories on benefits are just about frauds so no wonder everyone thinks that so many people are on the scrounge....

Do you think we could invite Victor Meldrew to be president of the RA complainers club? I could easily add to your list with people who park in blue badge spaces, hospitals who book everyone in for a 9am appointment and you have to sit and wait for 3 hours - I could go on, and on, and on....

But you keep complaining! Like LL I think I would be camped on my MP's doorstep if I got taken of a trolley.. Pxx


Yes Polly and sylvie !!! But really having a bit of a lighthearted moan in a way Hee Hee, yes the teacher was surprised when I didn't agree with one thing she said! She said well Katy didn't do this piece of work! I said what on metals ? I said she did and I quoted about two lines that Katy had done and said " are unsure you mean Katy," Hee Hee. She always mixes her and her friend up so I'm aware of it now lol

Oh and yes my other favourite topic, blue badge parking bays full of 15 year olds in shell suits with their grand I sounding judgemental now moi??? No seriously it's SO annoying!

Ok I think we should have our most annoying things now, does anyone wanna join in!!

Oh by the way I wrote as Sandra said it mr meacher about me being pestered for letters from ATOS about sending me letters about benefits I am NOT on!!!! He replied immediately and said could he use my case in Parliament in January!!!!!!!! So he asked if any one else has problems write to him, he was very quick to reply! Within an hour!!!!!! Axx


Oops have to go its the best time of year again! Stargazing live!!!!! Thinking of u Mads !!!!!! Axx


Oh Allanah, i loved hearing you moan, really like to hear you - husband is out at the telescope, clear night he is chasing asteroids.

You have plenty of reason to complain though can't believe the trolley story that is shocking.

Enjoy the stargazing I am trying to put the kids to bed.


Back again and completely cheered up by Dr Brian's may and cox! Men who love stars and music aaaaaagggghhhhhh..all relaxed now! axx


Hope you then recorded stargazing to rewatch with said hubbie, glass of wine and his allegedly large telescopes lol !! Don't think my neck will be up to it for a few more weeks though, stargazing that is, shame cos I do like to look at jupiters moons!! Hope u r feeling a bit better at the moment hugs xx


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