Back on track

Well was doing quite well on healthy eating plan and exercise programme ( not diet) going to the gym and classes regularly for a week then boom got a heavy cold last monday and felt c**p and went off track but went to the gym to zumba class last night although didn't feel like it as in nice warm house and the studio is freezing, really enjoyed it but it is upsetting as makes me realise how much I cannot do. I dont think these restrictions are due to weight but to RA. Can't lift arms above head and the weight would not stop me doing that.

Today is weigh in day and I approached the scales with some trepidation but what a nice surprise lost 2 more pounds. I was expecting that I would have put some on or at least stayed the same. This has given me a boost and going to the gym when hobby gets back with car.

Must keep it up as weigh in with the nurse next week and rheumy appt week after and would like to lose a bit more before then.

gentle hugs to you all


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  • Cris,well done to you. Keep up the good

  • Thanx Sylvi will do my best. Are you all ready for your son coming home tomorrow bet you are really excited.


  • Well done! on the weight loss as well as just pushing yourself to go to the zumba class.

    I'm at a bit of a crossroads with gym now. Was starting to go 3 times a week to get back to the kind of low level programme that helped me some time ago and had to stop because of flaring, but now I am reducing steroids seems like I am starting to flare again. I really don't know now whether pushing myself to exercise is going to just make things worse.

  • i know what ya mean earthwitch feel preety good doing my swimming but then the night and next day you thing was it worth that but we live in hope

    regards john

  • Thanx The decision re gym is a difficult one isnt it as you want to keep trying but know that if you push too much you can set yourself back again. I had found a level that I was feeling positive with and felt I was making progress with when I became ill with cold and chest infection last Mon. Didnt get today but am wondering how I will go with treadmill and bike when I go back hopefully tomorrow. Keep trying but pace yourself is good advice but the steroids mask things.

    good luck cris xx

  • Hi Cris i'm really happy for you,..... Glad you are feeling a lot better...... I can't wait to start exercising again when i get my meds sorted, I only used to go on my exercise bike in doors for about half a hour every day, but it did make me feel good, Sometimes i would do a hour if i was watching my soaps...... I don't go to the Gym, but i still got a lot of benefit from it........

    So well done xx

  • Hi Shirley yes it does give you a good feeling after you exercise doesn't it unless you do too much with this disease you then feel it, need to make sure I pace myself and just seemed to get that right before I was ill last Mon, I really hope you get your meds sorted and get some relief, you must be so frustrated. You can always message me if you are feeling low.

    gentle hugs cris xx

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