1 Stone down 6 to go

Well got weighed this morning and lost 1 stone from heaviest only 6 to go.

How am I doing it? Healthy calorie controlled diet and exercise oh and am trying apple cider vinegar tablets. I heard some of you discussing it on here for arthritis and also found that it was supposed to help with weight loss, so I got some on friday and thought well it cant do any harm. Cant give it credit yet for the weight loss or the improvement in joints thats probably still the steroid injection I had 3 weeks ago. I am also cooking home made soups ( I know whats gone into them) and put a dash of turmeric into them again worth a try and to be honest it makes the soups really tasty. Cut salt out to help with blood pressure as it was high when went to rheumy appt but has been OKish at the GP's but probably need to get it a bit better before go back on 12th. Seeing Nurse at Gp on 5/6th Dec and am hoping it will be better then and that I get a gold star for the weight loss.

Joined a gym 2 months ago and for the last 2 weeks am making good use of the classes and facilities.( I'M going to get my money's worth) Feel my fitness is improving as I am able to do more on the treadmill and bike and am not as breathless. Also doing Pilates and Zumba.I got a new dog 5 weeks ago as my last dog died a year ago.I delayed getting one as I was retiring in march and have since had lots of home improvements done and my daughter got married in August. Now I have him he keeps me busy with walks which I suppose is also helping with the weight loss

Will keep you all posted and gentle hugs


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  • well done take your time and dont rush the weight loss slow and steady keeps it off


  • Thanx Lizz am determined to do it this time helps that I have to go back to see nurse and be weighed. Also easier in that I am able to do more in the way of exercise since steroid injection. How are you doing after yours


  • Congratulations and well done. You must feel so good. I have lost a couple of stone for my op and am determined that when I am recuperating to be careful and not put it on! Inlovemgoing to the gym and can't wait till I get into hydrotherapy. And how lovely to have a new dog! I love dogs but am SO bad with them as I just spoil them, so don't think I should be allowed one!!!!!

    Enjoy lunch, u have put me in the mod for soup!!! Love Axx

  • Thanx allanah and well done for your weight loss. I am enjoying the gym now I'm feeling a bit better and can see some results. Hope everything goes well for your op tomorrow ( it is still planned to go ahead isn't it) will be thinking of you as I do Zumba tomorrow morning


  • Thanks xxx

  • That is such good progress! Its also what I would call a perfect strategy for weight loss because it is really just about making those "healthy changes" that you know you are going to be able to sustain, and that won't have a negative effect on your balance of nutrients like some of the fad diets do. Keep it up! and keep on letting us know how you get on.

  • thanx earthwitch yes its all about the healthy changes and if you take in less calories than you use you will lose the weight. How are you doing on the steroids now are you feeling any better


  • I would give you a gold star Cris, well done, Ever little bit helps, (just thought that's a Tesco saying, those 21 years service i gave them has rub of on me lol),

    Keep it up, Watch out thou, Christmas is coming,

    Shirl x

  • Thanx Shirl and will keep you posted on how I go. Good luck at your GP appt this week and hope your liver function tests improve. Are you still getting some benefit from the steroid injection and hows your tongue doing


  • The tongue isn't so bad today but will mention it to my GP, have had a lot of improvement over the last couple of days, especially when i look back at what i was like before i had the injection, i'm still quite sore mind you, have cut down on the Tramadol, so that's a good sign,

    Take care Xx

  • Fab fab fab cris !!!!! Keep up the good work,your doing brill well done you xxxxxx

  • Thanx Michelle I definitely feel I am on track got to give myself a fighting chance if I start on DMARD'S on 12th are you still doing well on the methotrexate? Good luck for your appt on 6th will be thinking of you


  • Hi cris,so glad your doing so well.yes I am doing very well on mtx,still on 15 mg a week,appt yes on 6th and I'm sure she will up my mtx a bit,as I still feel stiffness and pain,but I am so much better.wot dmard s are you starting on the 12 th? Take are Michelle xx

  • Don't know they didn't say just told me my blood pressure needed to be lower when I go back as some of the DMARDS can make your blood pressure go up. It was high there but that may have been white coat syndrome as the 2 times I have had it checked at GP's it has been ok. Thats one of the motivators to lose some weight and make some other lifestyle changes as I am sure that my BP will be better then.

    take care crisxx

  • Well done Cris, stay motivated.


  • Thanx Mary hope you are well and have got over your chest infection


  • Well done Cris - keep it up it makes a huge, huge difference to everything. I have lost 4 and a half stone now and only have 2 left to go but it's got much more slow - I seem to be completely stuck just now. What I can tell you is that I feel a million dollars and lots of people don't even recognise me these days. I can exercise everyday without suffering afterwards and I don't get nearly such tired legs and feet all the time. It probably hasn't actually shifted the RA but it feels like it has to a large extent - there's not much I can't do now. I also think it really helps if you have a chronic disease like RA and have to see health professionals regularly - that they know that you are making a huge effort to get on top of your health. It must be dispiriting if you're a nurse or a GP and patients come in who seem to live off junk food and smoke and drink heavily despite all the advice and the support they are given? It is different if you are having to take steroids 24/7 or have so much damage to your joints that you can't move of course but I'm not talking about this - just myself as I was with no excuses at all! Tilda xx

  • Thanx Tilda and congratulations on your weight loss, I am starting to feel much better in myself and have a bit more energy but need to remember not to overdo it as I did after the steroid injection and then suffdered for a few days. It must be a great feeling to know you look a million dollars and for people to acknowledge your efforts in making the life changes for you to achieve those results. I am looking forward to people noticing the difference in me and I can actually feel some changes in my body. I think some of this is due to the pilates and gym work and not just the weight loss. Keep up your good work and dont push yourself too hard in your new ventures on the work front


  • Hey perhaps a million dollars was egging the pudding (cor lots of foody metaphors here?!) Cris - read my most recent blog for what happens when I start to get a bit bigsy! You are doing great and it will all pay off even when the steroid wears off and things maybe hurt again - please keep going! Tilda x

  • Weight loss eh this is harder than people think, your up against the big enemy in my opinion, MOTIVATION, and self critisism, we know we are unhealthy, and we know we need to get our ass in gear. But unfortunately tomorrow always becomes TOMORROW eh, What stops us just getting up and going for a walk, we become sooooo soooo lazy later in life when it is so much easier to sit in a centrally heated house, if you can afford the gas! and do little, maybe we should look into gettig some groups together in our own area's.

    I purchased a NHS Physio bike from eBay, it was one of mold's Physio bikes from wales, I use it but I should abuse it, I can cycle a lot more than I can walk and stairs are a real pain. we need to find what motivated us when we were young, usually a leggy blonde in my case lol. well I think today I will go for a walk to Sale and back, that is about 5 miles. It is alllll to eay to jump in a car and drive to the local shops, insted of walking in the cold and wet. so good luck to all weight loss persons, remember proteins are good, but not too many, carbs are like mobile fat cells, too many and you don't use the fuel they provide, well they are stored as Glycogen and then transformed into fat, and we all know where that gets stored eh.

    Stay well.


  • Did you work for Tesco, I saw it in a blog of yours, what a bunch of ass holes they are, stay well eh.

    shaun again!

  • i do well said they have no sympathy at all i been off 4 months now all i get from them is aggro and threats

  • Hi Shaun thanx for your comments and will remain determined its for my own good after all. No I didn't work for tesco I am a nurse but retired in march and just do temping/agency work now when I feel like it or when I can


  • Hi folks, Good discussion on weight loss, motivation is the best catalyst! I have a question though. I have lost 33 pounds in the last year, well 11 months actually. Don't know what that is in "stone" but it has left me with large amounts of loose skin! My upper arms are "bat wings"! Could the surgery to reduce those be considered a necessity, if I say it is causing me a great deal of distress? :) Or is the surgery too much of a risk of infection due to our compromised Immune System? Who knows? Loret xx

  • Hi Loret

    I know you're based in the states, so things will be a little different over there, but to get an idea of whether or not this could be considered 'necessity' I have had a look on our UK NHS site. They say that it would be considered 'cosmetic' rather than 'necessary' surgery, and it is therefore not available here on the NHS, but people can have it done provately. If someone has a LOT of excess skin this can be difficult to keep clean, and can also rub and get very sore, either of which could increase the risk of infection, so it would probably depend on the level of excess skin as to whether or not this would cause a greater or lower risk of infection than the surgery itself. For most I suspect the surgery would be a greater risk.

    For all our US members, there are 14 pounds in a stone, so for you Loret you have lost just under 2.5 stone! Very well done and such a shame that this has caused you loose skin problems, but a very good achievement none-the less.

    Kind regards


    (NRAS Helpline)

  • Dear Cris.

    well done on weight loss and wow lots of exercise too well done you must be feeling really good x

  • thanx summer I was feeling really good but have come down with a chest infection and felt unwell for last 2 days.


  • Very well done on making the change Cris. I've been losing weight myself since January so I'm a little further along in the fight against the flab but it really does make a difference to your wellbeing. My husband was on blood pressure medication before we started losing weight and he'd been told this would be for life. I'm pleased to say he's no longer on medication and his blood pressure is in the "ideal" range. Like you I also make my own yummy soups with added turmeric and drink apple cider vinegar in the hope of lowering my inflammation. It sounds like you've given your life a real shake up and your positive outlook must really help. Best of luck in your search for better health.

    Paula x

  • Thanx Paula I am hoping to emulate your weight loss as I really do need to get it off and get in shape but I don't think I'll be attempting a 5K run any time soon. I could never run far even when I was younger and superfit. I was very much an athlete in my younger days but other commitments take over in your life and it is now time to grab my life and take it back. congrats on your successes and hoping that it continues, are you still trying the running. I am not going to pilates tonight as I have a very heavy cold and chest infection and felt c**p for last 2 days. Trust me to open my proverbial mouth and put a positive blog and then feel like this must have tempted fate.


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