Sunny Sunday morning lovely day for gardening,not

Sunny Sunday morning lovely day for gardening,not

Been out in my garden this sunny cold Sunday morning. I had got some lillies that needed going into the garden for summer,so i thought what a good idea,what a crackpot idea was that. I started well and by my standards weren't out there that long. Started to get pains in the right side ofn my chest a bit like a stitch when you have been running. Anyway i got the bulbs in and thought it was a good idea to do a bit of tidying up. All my mint needed pruning back and leaves wanted sweeping up and i have to admit the bit that was done with hubbys help looks alright,but boy what a slog it was for me. Have had to give up nd come back in and rest. I thought with being that bit slimmer i should be able to do a little bit more,evidently i am not going to be able to do more.

Talkng about my weight,i went into the drs last week and got weighed and i have lost another three pounds in weight. That now makes me 16st 10lbs since october i have lost over two stone in weight. Hugs to you all.xxcx

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  • I hope you can be warm and rested now. Cold isn't good for pain is it. Congratulations on the weight, that must make you feel pleased with yourself!

  • I am warm as i have put the heating on,what disappoints me is not being able to do half whatn i used to do out there. I am pleased with my weight loss and thank you for your lovely comments darling.xxxx

  • Maybe you can build up gradually? I know about frustration. My new knee is doing well but the other is giving me a lot of pain and holding me back. Not much chance of getting it done before May! I am planning to gradually get back more of my life, but I think it will have to be mainly after my new knee

  • Best bit was i sitting doing most of it darling.xxxxx

  • that's wisdom and experience!

  • Hi Sylvi,

    It is indeed a beautiful day... A bit chilly but glorious :)

    Maybe some of the problem is that your body is adjusting to its new balance and also the weight loss will have released some toxins etc released when body fat was burnt off... It's a known fact that the Norse countries have better recovery rate from cancer treatments and that drug addicts who are recovering do better if they have a regime of sauna/steam room sessions built into their programme as these help remove the drug residues (chemo, illegal or any others) held in the body cells... What am I trying to say in my usual bumbling way??? Keep moving little and often, drink loads of water and if you can stand the heat and can get to one use a steam room (or sauna) once a week for a couple of months and things should improve and hopefully you'll be reaping the full benefits of the weight loss :)

    All the best


  • It seems your weather is better then ours. Cold and raining here. Sorry to hear your suffering. Very good to hear your weight is still going down well done you hun. Love me xxx

  • Darling we have had a lovely day here,mind you it has been cold. I am sore tonight and can feel myself stiffening up so your wet weather is coming my way soon. Thank you darling.xxxxx

  • Hello Sylvi,well done on the weigh loss,I'm still struggling to put some on,steroids have made my appetite better,but may have to resort to high protein shakes to boost calories.Have been out today with my neighbour,only Wilkinsons and Asdas,but was good to have a mooch around, and buy a few nice things(maltesers,black currant sponge puddings,two new glittery cat collars for my cats,Ada, and Violet) seeing my rheumy next week, don't know what he will decide,can't stay on steroids forever,have had all biologics going,so a bit worried where I go next.Hope your not to sore after your gardening efforts.x

  • Since i had my op i have managed to get of the steroids and i feel so much brighter for being off them and i had been on them for years. I have also been able to get of some of my pain killers,tramadol particually,i have had to take my co-codamol as i am so stiff and sore especially in the mornings. I can't walk round Asda i have to use my scooter if we go anywhere like that.Hugs. xxxxxx

  • Hi Sylvi,

    So well done on the weight loss! And be kind to yourself. One step at a time. You have achieved so much already. The ability to do more will come. major surgery talks a long time to recover from.

    Congratulations on everything so far!


  • THank you Beverley for your lovely words.xxxx

  • Like Beverly says, it all takes time. You've done wonderfully with your weight loss and should be very proud of yourself!

    We're having a bright sunny day here in the US, but it's only about 13 degrees! YIKES! I have to get out and go to the rheumy today. I've been in a horrible flare for almost 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting better, but worse. He's never offered a steroid shot before, but I'm going to ask for one today. Don't think I can handle this pain much longer. Wish me luck!!



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