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Zippetydo Da (2)

Zippetydo Da (2)

Well the wisdom tooth came out this morning. A lovely India lady Dentist took it out. She was so tiny, I towered over her but boy did she have strong fingers. She also knew a lot of my friends so we had quite a talk whilst waiting for the anaesthetic to take effect. Didn't feel a thing apart from tugging and pulling but out it came without difficulty.

Mouth sore and have to only have tepid drinks and soft food for the next 24 hours and then on Saturday can start salt rinses 3 times daily for the next week. Scrambled Eggs and chocolate pudding for lunch! Did have a bit of a bleed at lunchtime but soaked a pad in cold water, squeezed it out and then bit on it for 10 minutes which seems to have done the trick.

Himself came with me just in case anything else needed to be done. Had the usual job of finding a parking space - this at 8.55 a.m. and all the disabled spots were full. I am sure they park overnight! Did manage to get a space in the main car park but as the hospital is then up the hill, bit of a struggle for me so had to hang onto him as well.

We have the Maritime Dinner tonight as it is the 206th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. At least it is not evening dress as it has been in the past. Don't think I could be bothered to drag out the glad rags. Fish is the main course so should be soft to eat and will have to let it get really cool. Don't know what the other courses are so long as not cockles and mussels as I am allergic to those.

Berry pup has been close to me all day as has Minniecat. It's as if they know something is not quite right. So have been resting, reading and listening to the radio. My freezer man arrived as well so have ordered the Christmas pies and desserts - they should be delivered in a month's time. As we are out Christmas Day and New Year and I have people coming Boxing Day, at least I have something I can take to help out and to feed those coming!

Other bit of good news - I had a phone call from physio this afternoon. I now have an appt for the 3rd November at our local surgery to have my shoulder looked at, so things beginning to look up.

Now that the tooth has gone and I don 't need pain killers and antibiotics for the future, going to try to go back onto my diet to get off the weight the steroids have piled on again. LavendarLadyx (PS photo is of my grand daughter when she was 3 hours old).

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And heres me thinking it was you at the dentist today :)

Glad to hear all is well...


Thanks Pete, Wish I was that young again! LL x


Glad everything is tickecty booh.

Have a nice time at the maratime dinner (I am presuming you are up for it and going?)

Nice pic of grandaughter.

Best wishes



Hi Sci, Yes I am going but will take it easy. Alcohol is forbidden for 24 hours so will be toasting Lord Nelson in water and food is fish so should be soft. Don't think we shall be that late home though. LL x


Nice piccie. hope dinner goes well and just take care of that mouth until it settles.. salt rinses sounds a good plan.. xx


Ahh LL glad you got that tooth out - hopefully plain sailing from now on in - you are probably as i write raising your glass to Lord Nelson. hope it was a good night - if you are up to it you can tell us all about it tomorrow


So glad your feeling brighter,Now the dinner has gone did you manage to enjoy yourself,hope so. Mads idea of a joke,plain sailing and lord nelson,like it. god i can still remember when my two were like that,angelic aren't they,sometimes wish i was back there again. No back chat and they could sleep,still do,bless them. Hope when you get this morning your feeling zippetydo da, sorry couldn't resist the pun, but the message is still the same.

take care, love, sylvia. xx


Hi all my nautical friends. Yes the dinner was very good. We had smoked haddock risotto with veggies which was lovely and soft to eat, a trio of desserts (brownie with chocolate sauce, lemon tart and bakewell sponge with custard - all individual portions - lovely). Followed by cheese, celery etc. Himself got me a piece of brie - again very soft to eat. The others had wine but I just had a plain tonic water and then just water. Had taken some painkillers before I went but they had worn off by the time we got home at 10.45 so took another and went to bed.

Several toasts to Lord Nelson, absent friends etc. Hope he didn't mind it being in water! Of course, he was born and raised in Norfolk so we are very proud of him here (although I am not a Norfolk lass). His father was Vicar at Burnham Thorpe and there is a lovely pub there named after him which is very old and does fantastic food. They even still have the settles by the fire that Nelson used to sit on! How's that for history?

Didn't have a very good night as socket is sore and the injection sites are sore as well. The cold air is making it ache and my cheek is slightly swollen but hey, the tooth has gone. First of the salt rinses this morning - found that very soothing.

I think the Enbrel has also helped with the inflammation as I had that injection on Thursday.

Himself has taken the dogs out so having a rest with just Minnie Cat for company and about to have some soup for lunch. Still find it hard to believe that awful pain which I have suffered since early September has now gone!

Thanks for all your support. Love LavendarLady x



Glad to hear you both had a good time and that you came through the nite. Well done.

Get well soon



Very glad to hear that it is now 'sorted' !

Take it easy whilst you're recovering:-}

Cece x


Glad you had a lovely time. You should take a scarf when your out and wrap it around your face to protect your mouth. I've been to the church in norfolk.

Hope your mouth is much better today.

Take care

Sylvia, xx


Thanks all for all your lovely comments. Mouth is much better although jaw is bruised and cheek still slightly swollen. Am eating both sides but not putting too much pressure on the right side and religiously using my salt washes are every meal. I thought they would sting but not so - help a great deal and keep the area clean as well. Using my toothbrush very gingerly so as not to disturb the blood clot whilst it is healing.

Have been turning my coat collar up to protect my face but the scarf suggestion Sylvi I hadn't thought of so will get one of my cashmere shawls out to use. Have got some in lovely colours.

Now got an upset tum - don't know what caused that although one of the side effects of the antibiotics I was on apparently is the "trots!"! So awake at 5.30 a.m. and with a lot of tummy ache and dashing to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Taken two Immodium, went back to bed and slept until 11 a.m. Now feel as if I have been kicked in the stomach by a mule. so had a quiet day and had some toast and my mate Marmite for breakfast. Some tea and a choccie biscuit since. Hope it's gone by tomorrow. What a life! If it is not one thing it's another. LOL. LavendarLady x


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