Zippetydo da (1)

Zippetydo da (1)

Feel like kicking up my heels (chance would be a fine thing), shouting the news to the world and letting everyone know the hospital has phoned and my wisdom tooth is coming out this Friday. Yippee. Now on the 4th lot of antibiotics following horrendous pain and a massive gumboil last week. Will be so glad to see the back of it.

The downside is we have the Maritime Dinner to go to on Friday evening (in honour of Lord Nelson) so will be eating on the other side very gingerly. Antibiotics last until next Monday so shouldn't suffer any in fection. The other downside is my GP says MTX does cause problems with the teeth!

The upside to that is the RA has all but settled down at present and apart from my shoulder which is waiting for physio, I feel pretty good.

Appt is 9.30 a.m. on Friday so by 10 the wretched tooth should be gone! Hooray. Will let you know how I get on. LavendarLady x

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When that tooth is sorted you will be as good as new then!!, well nearly!, hope it goes well

Alison x


Maritime Dinner! Lord Nelson! who the hell are you Lavender Lady? Joking.

So glad tooth is finally making its departure on Friday, I totally sympathise, tooth ache the worst type of pain, aside from knife in the gut or being hung drawn & quartered. hoho.

Seriously, so pleased for you, enjoy the dinner and dance.

pip pip & cheerio, Gina.

All of the above in jest as you know my ladylike pal :)


Good luck on Friday .Hope all goes well with the extraction and you manage to enjoy your evening out.

I never new MTX could damage teeth ? Oh well you learn something new everyday

Take care



So that's why my teeth are falling appart !!!!!

Good luck for 'extraction day'

Judi xxxx


Pleased to hear that i hope that it all goes well.



i am intrigued with the interesting life you lead LL, - good luck with the extraction


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