Ready, no!

Well i am packed and waxed and plucked and medications ready for my op tomorrow. Bit nervous of course, half of me wants to run away and the other half wants it over with asap.

Darn it............... I have just started this blog and the phone rang and it was the specialists secretary to say they have cancelled my op. The good news is they will do it on friday. Don't know how I feel, sad shocked, wishing i didn't have more time to wait , but understand someone is more poorly than me.

oh well, give me time to empty the freezers or something or i might just go and see Skyfall the bond movie as we ran out of time to see it.

disappointed though in a way and oh dear will have to rewax and pluck again before Friday!


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  • Sorry to hear your op delayed till fri you build yourself up and prepare but then have to go through the process again. Just think will probably be easier for family for visiting etc at weekend. good luck for fri

    cris xx

  • ye frustrating but rather not be fitted in at the end of a long neurosurgery list ha ha

  • Shame your op is cancelled til Friday when you were all ready to go.

    Try not to think about it too much, go and do something to treat yourself.

    Good luck for Friday.

    Mary x

  • ye gonna see Skyfall thursday night.

  • ye, I know and dont wanna be selfish!! Axx

  • I'm so sorry to hear that especially after the waxing and plucking !! But good luck for Friday allanah,how long will you be in ther for ? Take care Michelle xxx

  • not sure Michelle it depends on what op they do in the end!! But think between two and six days!! xx

  • yep hairy monster!!

  • Lets keep our fingers crossed for you for friday and that it goes well too. Love sylvi, xxxxxxxxx

  • thanks are u feeling any better today xx

  • There's nothing worse than getting yourself all mentally prepared for something only for the plans to change at the last minute :( I hope it all goes well for you on Friday.

  • thanks , it is the worst being ready to get cancelled.

  • ye its like "my bags are packed I'm ready to go...." and then not going!

    put my nail varnish back on so my nails don't chip and sorted out the freezer so all in all a productive day. Shattered now but have to take Katy to school meeting then to her tutor, phew!! shes gonna blog and let u know how i get on xxxx

  • Good luck Allanah

    Sorry that your op has been cancelled till Friday.

    But go enjoy skyfall, I've heard it's brilliant.'

    Go dream of Daniel Craig. Pass the Buck and let "them'' pluck but I send you love and luck.

    Love and best wishes.

    X x y

  • ha ha , just want to be the least hairy sleeping person in their theatre!!!! Axx

    When i had my last anaesthetic the recovery nurse was called robert and he told me to call for anything when i wake up. Consequently i spent two groggy days asking for Robert but was on the ward. my husband when i woke up said "who's Robert!!" i couldn't remember of course, until i remembered what the anaesthetic nurse said, oops nearly got in trouble lol xx

  • Oh yeah, a likely story about this Robert! I love your attitude to setbacks - sort out the freezer and then out on the town, wonderful! Wishing you the very best of luck for Friday, that first cup of tea when you wake up from the op will taste great!

    Christina xx

  • ,i do sympathise,get all the butterflies then down to earth with a bang,i had to have op,they gave me a date for last August,all the usual instructions and to ring in morning to make sure there is a bed,when i did,they had no record of me at all,turned out they gave me the wrong flaming month,same day but september,because it had the right day as well,monday the whatever,and that was right,i was really upset,it`s awful when you get yourself all worked up,can`t be good for us,they say stress no good for RA!

  • oh thats horrific and much worse than me knowing the day before, well they know about me cos they did ring me , but have to go through it all agian, dreading a call today or being tole no tomeorrow.. aaaarrrrgh!! Axx

  • Im off to tenerife today,hoping it will do me good,havent been great the last couple of weeks. Wishing you luck allanah for friday,hope all goes well. Will be thinking of you. Take care xx

  • Im off to tenerife today,hoping it will do me good,havent been great the last couple of weeks. Wishing you luck allanah for friday,hope all goes well. Will be thinking of you. Take care xx

  • Have a brill time Caza wish i was going there and not to hospital lol, sneak me in your case will you ha ha Axx

  • Good luck for today will be thinking of you

    cris xx

  • Thanks Cris, its tomorrow i go in though but need luck today as they cancelled the day before last time, then tomorrow i have to phone at 7 am to see of there is a bed, talk about adding on the stress. Thanks for thinking of me, think my daughter will blog and tell u how i get on, love Axx

  • I knew it was friday but got days mixed up cant blame fibro fog but can blame steroids

    sorry for that good luck for tomorrow


  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\!!

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