No pain no gain

No pain no gain

Oh gosh! Three days no pain now! Don't know why probably just the RA fluctuations but drumroll I went swimming!

I got the cossie on eventually and the pool is quite warm. There was a lovely lady next to me who had joint problems and gave me tips!

Then went in the lovely warm jacuzzi and put a dressing gown on very quickly and took a big fluffy towel with me so it went much better than my last freezing attempt.

Obviously today I ache but much more just cos muscles I haven't used for years ... Were used lol

Here's hoping it's the beginning of getting some of this steroid weight off? And I might get fit gr summer... Well three days doesn't make a long time but still feeling a bit more positive .

So have a great day y' all

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  • Hey allanah hope it lasts a lovely you getting into pool and enjoying something you haven't done in a while...something I should do...ages since I was last in a swimming pool...I've just been out on this freezing cold fresh day with my dog...on a little walk...strange I haven't had any pain for a while...feel a lot better in myself a little energy...and I'm on no drugs at present...very strange how this disease works...I see rheumy on Tuesday to talk about medication...I know I have to be on something but its what i can tolerate thats going to help me?... Sending you warm hugs Nicola :-)

  • weird isnt it Nicola, just on Arava at present but being of Humira i feel like im not feeling ill and have a bit more energy. Very strange, its alsways been about the toleration with mine so far. xx

  • That's really good news Allanah really pleased for you. I find steroids a bit weird with weight. Oral preds I need to be really careful or I'll out it on. Whereas very strangely depo injection makes me lose weight!!

    I rally hop you continue to stay well, the jacuzzi bit sounded lovely xx

  • oh it was Rosie. I still get a bit embarrassed getting in as there are often fit young men more than women in our gym , and im have to get in on my bum, as i cant do the stairs but hey when you are getting heat and the people then chat its really nice!!

    Steroids are so wonderful to me but then so nice! like I imagine a night with Johnny Depp to be lol !!!

  • You definitely need to keep on them then Allanah ... And where's this gym, fit young men, I'm on my way!!

  • Ha ha problem is I just get motherly now ha ha

  • I can do motherly .. It will hide my ogling ha ha!!

  • Well as long as you don't touch looking is ok , one of my mums phrases!

  • Hi A, So glad you are having a lean spell with your RA as I am, long may it last and have a great weekend, Matt

  • Thanks Matt, cant believe it I feel like a different person. Going out tonight and taking time to even have a bath, ususally a no no!! What a difference and you know if it comes back quick I will have enjoyed this little holiday!! xx

    So glad you are feelling better too at the moment, it was SO rough for you I dont know how you coped at all. Axx

  • That sounds great, good for you. I must start swimming regularly again. I shall start this week x

  • Yeah, well I dont know if you can do this at your gym or heard of it. The lady said put out a float, the ones in our pool are specially curved for this, its cardiovaxcular work. The board goes in front of you in a sort of superman position, mine is more crab lol but still works. Then you do a straight lenghth with your legs kicking as much as you can. You feel it pull your legs, chest, tummy thighs, bum and shins. But it makes you work but is still comfortable enough. I can feel my sides tightening with it even after a few days!!! She says she lost two stone with just that. Then i "Jogged" again not like a real jog but it got my legs moving so i hope to strenghen the muscles again. The water according to my instructor and physio takes 80% of your weight so its easier and takes the weight off your joints so it helps ou to move a bit beter. You feel it when you are going out of the pool, like coming out of wieghtless gravity ha ha, back to earth with a bump !See how it goes if you can try, i found it fun !! xx

  • Well I did it,I've been swimming. So thank q for encouraging me. I'll try & keep it up,I really enjoyed it. Awhile ago now,I used to swim for a club,before I had a nasty accident & ended up with Corda Equina, anyway we used to have to just use our legs to strengthen them you can also lay on your back with a float on your chest arms crossed over your float & kick your legs great for bums tums & thighs. Now for a much needed coffee x

  • Great! I remember about your cords I think you told me when I was having tests for my neck discs last year. We will need to keep encouraging each other then!

  • Will do x

  • So wonderful to read this Allanah - as you say even a few days is a really good holiday but let's hope it lasts for much longer for you. The more you build up with exercise the less you pay a price so I hope you can keep it up. I overdid it today thanks to youngest son and dogs ( a very long walk on roads) and am really suffering now but hopefully I'm generally fit enough these days for it not to have me flaring. I think my ESR result of 17 went to my head a bit! X

  • Ye gonna make myself go Monday again!

  • I am oh so pleased you are getting some relief from pain Allanah i really am,long may it continue. Love

  • Of course I will love you Sylvie! Lol no thanks very much , slight aches this morning but happy I felt a bit girlie in my shoes last night !!!

  • Ain't it nice to dress up and go out and feel normal,whatever that is these

  • Oh yes! I always now have the Clark's shoes with splints , trousers and a top cos the shoes are too clumsy to wear with dresses but it was lovely last night. Gosh hubby has just said I looked lovely last night omg! He's not very demonstrative so it must have worked lol xxx

  • Alannah,

    I used to get such a buzz from going swimming before I had my ankle op and have found it really difficult to get back into the swing again. You've reminded me how good it was. Am thinking of going back now. Thanks girl. xxx

  • Xxxxxxx

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