Pacing .......not!!!!

Well writing this now as might be tied up in the next few days as you will see. Oh and fidget I am not here for S day so mine is of course...Sod RA!!!!!

Anyway bank holiday yeah.....good weather on Sunday probably so outdoors oh yeah! Meeting with eight friends and we r all going into our little village deli/ pub for pizza( yuk, I don't like it) and to see a band live, they play covers like all right now, sex on fire etc, and everyone ..well not me...end up dancing on the tables.

Monday collecting Katy's altered prom dress, it's coming up so quickly .

Tuesday off to Manchester........for the gorgeous Beyonce, have waxed everything of my unsightly steroidal unfeminine hair to within an inch of it life, ( oh yes boys) got gel nails done, have eyelashes at the ready to stick on, in fact any fake item that may add to the general gorgeousness of the girlie night! Of course the two young uns will be in their tight minis but hey I will feel ok!!!

Wednesday shopping in Manchester, yes you r right I will be in agony, exhausted but with a blooming great smile on my face. Then going to another hotel in central Manchester for the NRAS meeting the next day and can't wait to meet up with Watson and manwithnoname( I will keep his name a secret, he is an enigma!!) or might just call him manwith the whole time!!!

Thursday the course and home late after the 4.30 finish to get the train back to north yorks.

So what on Friday, when I have had all this excitement,.... pace myself? Well half and friend is having a pamper day for her birthday, so have to be up and at the hotel for 10 am!! But then pool, spa, body massage, facial and lunch and evening meal......bliss.

Pacing?? Will I never learn lol xxxxxxxx

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  • I don't know about you Allanah but pacing has never been something i have been good at. I bet you will have a good time even if you pay for it next weekend.Just rest up when you can and enjoy the ride. I would love to be with you when you meet watson and man and i know you will have a lovely time. I look forward to your blog next weekend about how this week went.

    Have a lovely time,love

  • aah just read your blog.. love live music and there must be something on the pub menu you like?.. mmm pacing you sound like me and possibly Sylvi, we will all never learn!! its damn good when we do lots but we suffer afterwards,, my hol is going to be a little exploring, lots of eating, and lots of relaxing....You will feel great after that pampering xx

  • Have a great time. Sounds like a busy weekend. Not too sure about all that waxing tho, Brazil springs to mind, or is it just me? LOL. And why not dance on the tables. As you say, sod the RA for one weekend.

  • Go girl x x

  • Thanks folks, feeling up for it and will let you know how it goes. Scouser I don't usually glam up that much's only blooming Beyonce lol xxx

  • It's ok, Katy will do it for me xxxxxlol

  • Have a great time, it sounds a well packed weekend, xxx

  • Hi Allanah you sound like your going to have a fab time. Look forward to hearing all about it next week xxxxx .

  • Aargh panic starting now, will I cope, will I have to walk far, will I be over tired, will I manage. See it does psyche u out sometimes this RA! Ok meditation......

  • Meditation & medication! Hope you have a fabulous time xx

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