Knee no 2

Knee no 2

Just thought I'd check in with the latest on my saga. Nothing much except that the preop is in a week, and I'm worrying that they will find a pretext to delay the op - like they did with the first one. Every twinge makes me worry that I might have an infection developing or something!

Anyway we're off for a long weekend in our wee holiday house, that will probably be the last time we can travel that far (north west Scotland) until my knee is two months on the road to recovery.

Hopefully a change of scene for a while will help me to get things into perspective a bit. And breathe deeply!

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  • Have a great weekend away.

  • Enjoy your weekend hope op goes ok

  • Thanks friends! I will report on developments in the saga.

  • Enjoy your little holiday :)

  • Have a lovely time in your wee hideaway. How about taking lots of pics whilst you're there so you can look through them both before & after your op, give you something to aim for on the not so good days. Hope all goes accordingly for the pre op next week. :)

  • Thanks I've put the paperwork (meds and previous cardio report) ready already. Last time they misread the ECG thing and the op was delayed by about 6 months. I hope there's nothing like that this time. Thanks for the kind wishes

  • That's happened to me but it was so out it was done on the same machine twice more then the nurse gave up & used a different one. According to the results I'd recently had a heart attack!

  • I will. I've tried to add a pic I took a few weeks ago when it snowed.

  • I see it, it looks like a picture, beautiful.

  • Me too. I've got the report which gave me the all clear to take with me as an alibi. That together with that I'm still alive after the first

  • Good thinking. It'll be a poor do if presenting in person doesn't convince them!

  • View from our bedroom in mid February.

  • Have a lovely break Cathie it sounds wonderful xxx

  • Good luck for a trouble free road ahead! And have a great break.

  • Thankyou postle

  • Darling Cathie nothing will go wrong and i wish you good luck and have a lovely weekend away. If i can travel to the west country in a plaster you can go to your holiday cottage with your knee darling.xxxxx

  • Well hope the change of scenery is helpful and you feel more relaxed afterwards. Good luck!

  • Thank you everyone

  • I am trying to pluck up courage to have my second knee done. The trouble is I have atrial fibrillation and had to spend a couple of hours in HDU. after the op.

  • That sounds idyllic, though to be there pain free would be even better. No, it WILL be better!.

    I'm seeing my surgeon on 5th April for my third attempt to get my knees replaced. Now that I'm off Enbrel, and on Rituximab, I seem to be getting fewer infections, so I pray that I can make it to the finishing line this time.

    I can barely walk, as I'm in such pain. I think we've discussed this before, but my impression is that when the RA inflammation subsides ( thanks to Rituximab, MTX and 7.5 mg Prednisilone), then the osteoarthritis isn't buffered any more and the grating bone on bone starts.

    lovely photo.



  • You're right Jo. I hope you get somewhere with the Drs soon.

  • Yes I do feel more confident and I know how much I've got to keep waggling my feet. I'll think about you singing! 

  • How long did they keep you in second time?

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