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maybe i had a result today i dont know yet with a ra guy

doctor asked me to come and see them today so i whent for the appointment

well ive been going on over 12 months with this problem

well the letter from the knee people at wrigjtington requested if i could see doctor bowman the rumatologist at bury hospital

so they said i cant guarantee this it may be someone else

but at least it looks like im going to see someone after 12 months so i may be joining the club proper

im not saying that it is ra but some sort of inflamatory thing is happening not just constrained to the knees and feet etc but maybe i will get some help after 5 months of pegatory

i just hope its the specialist i payed private for even though its a bit away

meanwhile i got the knee specalist on wed next

please dont let it be the *.* who i saw at wrightington THAT WOULD BE JUST MY LUCK THE MAN WHO DISMISED ME AS NOTHING WRONG ONLY PATELA TENDONITUS AND DISC DEGENERATION (what in 3 months)

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Lets hope for better news on that


out is better than nowt sylvi like ive been doing for the past 12 months


pleased some progress for at last x


hope so summer hope so but it still dosnt get round knackered knee after all this time trying its a wait and see


Let's hope you get a resolution soon John, and when you do please keep blogging as I enjoy your banter. xx


Sounds like you may be making some progress my fingers are crossed for you xx


I also hope they have some news for you John, Take Care XX


John, whoever you see, no one can wriggle out of what's happened to your knee so make sure they don't even try please!! X


they realy cant from a normal knee to a grade 3 in 12 months is preety good going by my accounts and when i go seing knee specalist tomorrow im taking my pictures of my blue toes which have come on a bit not as bad now

im just trying to sort out my starter for 10 with the knee specalist today

like has this knee caused all this or is ther a underlying problem for this to have happened then tell him what happened with hands and other stuff and the bad sweating im getting.

tilda i found out when i whent back on statins it made me worse sweating again so i stopped them things after all them years of taking them they have begun NOT to suit me so im wondering about some of the write ups i see about them things.

but we will see how we go tomorrow hope he does another x ray cos i would like to see this to what it was in may last year i dont think they can wrigle out of this one cos i asaw the mri at podiatry she put it on screen for me and it looked preety good to me symetrical and spacing looked ok


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