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Its a disaster of the biggest magnitude!!! no not my upcoming operation lol

The rolling stones are touring for the first time and will be in london hurrah

My operation is in ......November

The stones come in....November

Darn it , going to go now and have a deep depression!!!!!!lol :( :(

I could have been a "honky tonk woman" and have "brown sugar" in my tea but they will have to "miss me" oh well !!

...............still raving under my breath hee hee Axx

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Allanah, instead you will be wonky wonky woman instead and silver sugar instead of brown sugar. You will have to contact them and se if they will visit you in hospital !!!!


lol! think thqat would be too far from london for them, shame!!


I definitely think they should visit you in hospital!

Maybe you should write to them lol

Don't be too depressed, maybe they will do another tour!

Mary x


hi Mary, i might now take a cassette into the anaesthetic room of them with me, Barry is now left till after!! Axx




You can't get no - uh huh - satisfaction?


lol thats another topic feather ha ha


loads of gossip and rumours that they will do glastonbury 2013 but i cant go to that either Katy has her GCSE's so cant take 5 days out in the middle ..doh ..


You are all right, i would be a "fool to cry" and "I dont know why" i am so upset.

I am "shattered" but i know "you can't always get what you want.

If i went I would only get my "rocks off" with all my medicines!

Maybe i should throw the "tumbling dice" to see if i will be fit two weeks after neck surgery but I would probably end up being "a fool to cry."

And do you think they will take time off to come to North Yorkshire form London for a middle aged plump woman with a Frankenstein scar on her neck, well maybe they are no oil paintings themselves these days!! ..............still darn it!! Axx


Oh, I am getting too old, I remember and loved the Stones, especially Brian Jones, but can I remember any of the songs other than whats been referred to, brain not functioning. Oh yes it is 'Ruby Tuesday', you are having your op on a Tuesday?


you will have to look them up on you tube and then you will remember them!!! well i can be ruby tuesday the day before my op on wed 7th November ( If they have a bed that morning but they said normally they do)

i didnt really know them as a kid but listened to them as i got older!! (I'm 52) Axx


Hi A

I'm sure you should ask them too do you a private show. Mick will be more than pleased to serenade a gorgeous brunette like you to a "brown sugar" all of your own.

Now that would help you recover from your operation really well.:-)

Did you enjoy your trip to Glasgow??

We managed to see John Bishop and Susan Boyle. She came on stage after the play with Elaine C Smith.SHE WAS EXCELLENT... well worth the trip to Glasgow.

Keep well and pain free if possible.

:-) :-) hugs Carole


The ceilidh was great, hard just to sit and watch though, but they were very fast and mad so best not to even try. But by 11 pm I was very sore, so went into the lounge area to stretch out but then just had to get a taxi,but left my daughter with the family and she loved doing "loch lomond " and auld Lang syne. I thought I managed to sneak out but no next day phone class from worried aunties, cousins, etc, so then I was a bit embarrassed. But. During the day we went to the new river view transport museum which was lovely and being Glasgow free of course! I got a chair though cos it was so big , so maybe just too tiring.

But we going Friday to Sunday to London for Cabaret, so resting today and gonna have to rest round the hotel a bit instead of our usual running around! But I am so lucky to do these things this month, but still would have loved to tick off the Stones as one of my bands I must see!


Oh no, the thought of a wrinkly Mick Jagger at my hospital bed would be enough to send me into a decline.....Loved them in the past, and still like the music, but some good things are better left as memories and his voice is one of them. Not quite the same at age 70 as it was in the 70's! And think of the money you'll save! An iPod and a pin-up poster would be much cheaper....


Agreed!! Drugs are not good for you looking at them, they should have kept up with their moisturisers, but just wanted to tick them off my bucket list! U never know they might do more dates next year when I recover !!


Well they always say that the older you get, the older you're likely to Mick will probably be touring for another 20 years on current track record! But don't get carried away and start head banging when you do go...Px


Wow, you guys are in rare form this morning! Using lyrics in conversation, and love letters, was a habit with me years ago! Last time I saw Mick he was already looking more like 90yo! But the music remains, we all grew up with them, second to The Beatles, of course! Memories! Loret xxx


A little known factoid, well I think it is I heard it on the radio, the Beatles were only a band for 8 yrs but the likes of the Stones for about nearly 50 yrs, but as u say the music remains



My sister & i met mick & his then girlfriend Marion Faithful at the airport,they were absolutely charming not at all what we expected. The flight was delayed & they sat & chatted to us. My sister was well impressed but I preferred the monkees,well someone had to!! Long time ago. Caza x


Wow and Marrianne too , Amazing, yeah I liked the monkeys too !,A xx


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