Get me out of here!!

hi Celeb watchers

I was in fits last nite at Helen!!!!! it was like me having my mri scan, honest, three seconds on that thing and i was shouting "get me out of here" ha ha.

So how cruel is it that i was killing myself laughing at Helen! She so sweet though,

So think i might be called allanah helen now hee hee

But really it is just me loads of poeple i know can do it no trouble, i can do snakes, speed, water, bugs, camping but not underground


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  • just realized i didnt finish the last sentence!! What could u do and not do love AX

  • heights i. couldnt do the heights .. i get panic attacks i go dizzy and start sweating , even on a ladder . is a fear of heights common with RA ?

  • Think it's just common full stop! If u fall from a height u get hurt! Bet it's a survival instinct but my husband paraglides and my daughter mountain climbs on teeny ledges as doe my sons and they have NO fear at all, they r up there taking photos!!! A

  • i get panic attacks and hot sweats , each time i pass a bridal shop or churches ,, so i guess my phobia is marriage .. :) not a jungle task tho ,, well it was for katie price ..

  • ha ha, commitment phobic, wot the worst that can happen there, pay for a wedding? lol and ye Jordan managed but ended up paying for it afterwards!! Axx

  • lol andy . it carnt be that bad .

  • you never met my ex wife (LOL)

  • So funnee! Axx

  • I'm just same as you Allanah - can't even watch "i'm a celeb" for that very reason. Don't like insects much at all either - that week in Tuscany last month is still having me scratching and checking for scorpions inside under the family shoes! I've never asked for an MRI because I know I'd need sedating first. I'm sure that's partly why I love living here - it's an agraphobic's nightmare but a claustraphobic's dream being able to see 360 degrees everywhere! No hedges or tall buildings .. or jungles up here?! TTx

  • ye I think that why i love being outdoors too as you feel like u can breathe, one of the things i hated as a theatre sister was being in with a gown and a mask on all day, i sunburned on the way to the car lol Axx

  • Hi Allanah, I would be absolutely useless in the jungle - although I would never willingly sign up for anything like this - so I think we're allowed to laugh at them!!

    Can't do heights and really hate spiders! When I was at uni there was a MASSIVE spider in our house (was living with 5 girls, and we are all pretty useless when it comes to spiders!) So had to get one of our neighbours to come and get rid of it for us! x

  • Bet u asked the most handsome tall dark neighbour being a group of five girls!!! Axx

  • Haha - well it actually took 2 guys to actually get rid of it, not that we complained! Tracy x

  • lol xx

  • I'm like Allanah, I would never last a minute in the jungle, But I laugh watching them!!

    I had a MRI scan the other week, I would perfer that any day.x

  • swap the jungle with the scan anyday, ( as long as i didnt have to do the being bolted into a box thing !!) Like campfires and ging gang goolies!!!

  • I love I'm a Celeb - Helen is so funny I don't think I could eat those things! I've had 3 MRI's so far - I always panic a bit when they first start to slide you in, but I just close my eyes and make mental shopping lists! The last list was verrrry long - the MRI took 50 minutes!

  • Omg, u r my hero, I could never do that, well I did, but I had an anaesthetic lol

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