Back from Ireland now going after the Rheumy Dr

Hi All, Just been deported from Ireland for drinking most of their GUINESS hee-hee,

Naw seriously when i got home there was a message from my GP telling me the Rheumy Dr has confirmed that i am on his list but still could not tell me when an appointment would come available this was the same messaage i received on Jan 17th, I have wrote to this person saying at this stage even some RA information in writing could put my mind at rest, I have had more help from yourselfes and BLF friends, My lung have been attacked for the last 11 months now from my RA and still no medication i know there is only certain drugs i can receive and will have to have this done intraveniously, I am not asking for preferential treatment just someone to talk to me, My Gp and my Chest Dr are so apologetic but they can only do so much,any hints on how to get this person on board i can tell my lungs are suffering and i am hit with flare ups 24/7.

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  • It is so wrong, I am thinking of you and wish i could help, I know you will get some good advice on here from other friends, Hope you feel better soon, And it sounds like you had a great time in Ireland, Take Care XX

  • Thank You,

  • Have you tried phoning the PALS at the hospital you go to and ask them to intervene? Polly

  • How about a different hospital??

  • Summer Thank you, one Consultants IN TRAY is the same as the next as I have found out.

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