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When i get that feeling....that xmas feeling!!

Just got my xmas cards form NRAS delivered today, they are lovely and good quality and on the back page they have the NRAS logo and "Working for a better life for people with RA", really sweet.

So i wanna write them before my op as i think with a bad neck that will be more difficult and .....dont laugh....if i pop my clogs, get paralysed or whatever haha I know that wont happen but they do scare you in these assessments!! at least my xmas cards will be done hee hee!

Also went to doctor yesterday for diabetic check up and guess what, I have lost two stone since she saw me in July (yes her scales are right!!) and my bp is down form 130/110 hihg to 120/60 normal so I am pleased, but then she said my blood sugars are up and doubled my drugs!!!!! So the usual they give me the good news then the bad lol

Sorry if the words here ae wronge my computer is typing rubbish here and the site has been slow to download for me today and it wont let me correct the spelling mistakes!!

Have a good day everyone

Love Axx

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Allanah,my fingers do that and i have to keep checking everything i do. I have got my xmas cards down and i intend to start doing them a few at a time. I also have quite a few xmas presents as well. I know there are some of you who are going to groan!!!



Oh thanks for reminding me re Xmas cards Allanah. Last year I didn't write or send any because my knuckles were too painful to apply pen to paper at all - but this year they are okay and I really want some NRAS cards too so will order them now.

That's brilliant about the weight loss - 2 stone is amazing! And your BP is really low - mine's much higher than that although still just within the normal range. Maybe your blood sugar was a one off but I suppose they can't risk that with diabetes. Anyway the weight loss should help you recover well from your op as it's always healthier to have lost some weight when it comes to general anaesthetic I believe. Don't be daft - who would want an Xmas card from someone who had popped their clogs?! You'd better not or I will be quite lost and have to resort to listening tearfully to Barry Mannalow - don't make me do that please?! Tilda xxxx


I'm with Tilda on this one, no macabre Xmas cards please. Much better to do them after when you can crow about how much better you're feeling and how nice the hospital was playing Barry M in the operating theatre to keep you relaxed. But 2 stone....amazing & well done. Pollyx


Thanks girls, I do have a strange sense of humour, they could just cross my name out!!! Sorry.....I have stopped now xxxhavent got pressies yet though A xxx




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