Carpel tunnel wrist replacement

Carpel tunnel wrist replacement

Woo hop I just had a phone call with a date for my operation Halloween lol it has happened to me before in past so kids get the joy of dressing up with dad ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚he did great job last time.well it's not a major op just carpel tunnel as my palm and wrist as doubled swelled and hard there puttin me asleep and going to cut it away so scar could possibly be bigger than usual will have to see.. Any one else had carpel tunnel? And ps sure hospital think I'm a witch with date I seem to get lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒš๐ŸŽƒalso got wrist replacements

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  • Hi there. I've had carpal tunnel release (if that's the same as you're having) - just my right hand so far. I'd started to lose feeling in all my finger tips because the nerve was so compressed - I'd been managing it for about ten years using a splint and a glove etc, but it got really bad. I had a day surgery op with local anaesthetic and was back home two and a half hours later. Mine took quite a while to mend but I was so glad I'd had it done when it was finally usable once more because I can now hold a pencil again and be on the phone for more than the two to three minutes I'd been down to before the pins and needles kicked in and it went numb :)

    My best wishes to you - hope it goes well. You will come out of the hospital with a lovely mummy style bandage on your hand as your contribution towards Halloween!

  • Ha ha that's what said to kids about Halloween ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ahh glad your is better now there's hope for me lol I hadn't spoke to any one else who as ad it its same as what you had done but I be going sleep as I've got wrist replacement and swelling in hand and wrist aparantly not common with carpel tunnel and my scar could be twice as long I'm use to all the scars now but glad you can use phone again I use ear phones at the min it's hard work lol especially when I like talking he he

  • I know what you mean! One disadvantage is that my mum thinks I can now chat on the phone for two and a half hours without any problems which can get a bit boring as she has Alzeimers and I have to hear her five topics of conversation several times over! Ah well, it keeps her happy :)

    Good luck for the op, hope the scars will be better after. (Make sure the kids save you some Halloween treats :) )

  • Ahh bless you and your Mam it's hard for you both then, life don't half throw some s&@t in are way i feel it's one thing after the other will keep in touch let you know how I get obvxx

  • Hiya RAtwist. Yes, I've had successful carpal tunnel release, left hand Jan 2013. I was living abroad at the time & couldn't get over how thorough they were to ensure everything was clean, even wrapped my arm in a plastic bag after the third cleanse then again in the ante room & again in theatre! The result was excellent & recovery swift with no complications. The scar is hardly noticeable, it's just like an extension of my lifeline. I had to stay in to recover a little longer than normal as the trip back from theatre made me feel nauseous, you see I don't travel well backwards & the bed from theatre back to my room was wheeled head forward! Unlike yours will be it was done under a local, took about half an hour. It was elevated in a sling for the first week, returned to hospital to have it checked over by the surgeon & the bandage replaced then the following week my Practice nurse took out the stitches & re-dressed it. I just took 30/500 mg co-codamol afterwards, just to ease the pain, for about a week, (it wasn't too painful to say they'd been rummaging about in there lol!)

    I hope yours goes as smoothly as mine did, recovery may be longer though with the swelling you have but I'm sure given a few weeks you'll appreciate having it done, hope so anyway! :)

  • Thank you loving your name by the way lol not wore heels for yrs now that was hard in first place gettin invites to party's then having no shoes lol thanks carnt wait for surgery now x

  • I had a carpal tunnel op a year ago & I can hardly see the scar now! It seems the way they close wounds these days is far superior to even a few years ago.

    Good Luck on Hallow'en!

  • Thank you yes all my scars are really good it's amazing what these surgeons are capable of these days x

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