Rheumatoid ARThritic at Home

Rheumatoid ARThritic at Home

I am psyching myself up for my open studio at the weekend, as part of Artists at Home in Chiswick, Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush (West London). It's going to me a marathon, but I have wonderful support and now that my work is hung, I am starting to feel a bit more positive. As it's Rheumatoid Arthritis week, I am selling my cards in aid of NRAS. Unfortunately, I can't commit to sending any out by post; if I have any energy (and any cards) left after the weekend, I might think about that.



I'm rather blowing my anonymity here, but it's in a good cause.

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  • Good luck, i hope it all goes well for you 😀

  • Thank you!

  • I really like your work, the freeness of it. I'm glad to have a link to your site as I've been wondering what it was like so this is a timely post!

  • Thank you Postle2.

  • I'm sure it will be brilliant Jora. Looking forward to hearing all about it after the weekend. XX

  • Thank you Smiler. I see the consultant the next day. Brilliant timing, eh! I then have to start reducing the Prednisilone; I refused to do it before the open studio.


  • Just had a look at your portfolio - Fantastic, love the Italy, Devon and Brantwood Series - all of them really. But my favourites are Tuscany for the lovely rich colours, Northern Gardens Winter 1, Hartford Bridge collection and Dartmoor Winter 1. XXX

  • Oh dear just lost my reply. Try again.... Just had a look at your portfolio Jora. Fantastic. My favourites are Italy - love Tuscany for the rich colors, Devon - Hartford Bridge collection, Dartmoor winter 1, Both Brantwood Series. Love them all. Thank you for sharing. xxx

  • Thank you so much. I can easily handle the duplication of,the compliment! My greatest fear when I got RA ( only two years ago), was that I wouldn't be able to paint. It has changed, and fatigue does limit me, but thankfully I haven't lost it completely. J x

  • Oops! See that it did get through after all. Must be my computer. XX

  • A marathon ... but hopefully one that has pleasure too.

  • Yes, I hope so, RAinK. That's the general idea ! Thank you. J

  • Just a quickie to say good luck for the weekend Jo, I'm sure you'll get through it by hell or high water. Love your art, you know that & soooo pleased you're giving the opportunity for others to appreciate it. Hope your cards raise loads for the NRAS x :)

  • Thanks,Heels. I'll report back. It won't be a huge sum for NRAS, as I have to cover some costs, but every little helps and it will raise awareness. J x

  • What beautiful work Jora! Such depth and rich colour - delicious, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your open studio, sure it will be fun x

  • Thank you so much. It's wonderful to get morale-boosting feedback before the event! J

  • Wow! Looking at your work was a wonderful start to my morning. If I can possibly get there I will - would love to see it 'in the flesh'. Jude

  • Oh, that would be exciting. I didn't realise you were within potential striking distance. But don't over-stretch yourself. I'm a fine one to talk! Jo

  • Anonymity is overrated. Your work is excellent. I do a lot of "Art" but not in the traditional sense. I use Digital media and photography. Congratulations on the exhibition. I hope all goes well with it. I won't post a link to me here, because my work is of a totally different genre. I only produce rare works of fancy when I'm in between adding commercial web sites for clients!

    I think the message I'm getting from you here is the fact that you are able and prepared to continue with your muse even despite RA, so gentle hugs and long may it continue.

  • Thank you Salix. Enjoy your art too. I do digital work as well, but not in this context.

    Yes, you got the right message. My art IS very important to me, perhaps especially in the absence of children and grandchildren.

    thanks again. Jo

  • I think I had worked out who you were anyway, as my sister knows another member of the AAH group from her art classes, and you're the only woman painter whose name starts with Jo. I'm not in London this weekend, but my sister is so don't be too surprised if a large lady appears and burbles at you. Good luck, hope it's nice weather so loads of appreciative people through the door.

  • Thanks, Helix. We get lots of burblers, so I won't be surprised!:) THank you for your support. J x

  • Your sister came! There were lots of others here at the same time, so there wasn't the chance for a long conversation, but I did enjoy meeting her, and she bought some cards in aid of NRAS! I forgot to ask which other member of our group she knows, but I'll probably hear sooner or later.

    A good day, but boy, am I tired! Unfortunately, I took Prednisilone tonight instead of Amitriptalyne which is not conducive to the good night's sleep that I so badly need!

    Thanks for your support.

    Night night. Jo

  • Not surprised you're tired, and one more day to go! My sister thought your work was great (and the best she'd seen that day too), so looking forward to the card she said she'll send me. Her AAH friend is Kay. Hope today goes well too.

  • Thank you for such positive feedback. We don't have a Kay in our group. She 's either known by a different name, or it's another open studio group! Ours is one of the oldest groups in the country, started by Mary Fedden over 40 years ago, but now they are ubiquitous. But that doesn't matter; it was still lovely to meet your sister! Jo

  • whoops, mixed two of her friends up. it's Pamela, not Kay. Names are not my forte (result of having such a stupid one I guess).

  • Ah yes, Pam the sculptor. I know her well.

    Extremely successful weekend, but I'm shattered!

    More anon, after consultation tomorrow.


  • I wish I could come and burble at you! And let me know if there are any cards left over. I love what I've seen of your work. You've inspired me to dig out sketchbooks and think about photographing the goodish bits to post online.

    I hope the open studio goes well and that you get plenty of support


  • Dear Jora,

    Just a little note to say thank you for fundraising for NRAS through the sale of your cards and also for supporting us during RA awareness week; it is greatly appreciated!

    Wishing you a very successful weekend during 'artists at home'.

    Kind regards

    Emma - NRAS

  • Thank you so much, Emma. I will let you know how it goes. Last time I did this, a woman with RA learned about NRAS. Quite how its existence had escaped their attention, I don't know, but it's good to know that it helped someone. And lots of people without RA read the notice and bought cards.

    Last weekend, at the local craft fair, I was given a small 'hero' for my crutch and it occurred to me that something similar could be done for NRAS, especially in relation to Junior Arthritis.


    Ah, I can't upload a photo here. I'll send you one later if I have time!


  • Hope it goes well.......I'm sure it will!! I've always wanted to paint, just haven't any talent but I can appreciate work like yours. M x

  • Thank you hatshepsut. If you want to paint, you should. I believe we all have it in us!

  • Good luck for the weekend.

  • Thank you, Gill.

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