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FLU JABS - stopping the stiff / painful arm which can follow

Having just seen Becky's question on flu jabs I thought it might be helpful to mention for the benefit of all that to stop the 'painful or stiff arm effect' after having the flu jab - immediately really rub the muscle of the arm where the injection point was. It must spread it out I guess, get the nurse to do it if you cant manage yourself.

This has always worked for me - hope it works for others. We suffer enough aches and pains already ! (One less I consider a bonus especially when this remedy is so simple)

Judi xxxx

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Thanks for sharing Judi. I had my pneumo jaba few days ago, the nurse gave it a good rub and I must say it's not hurting at all :-)


That's good to know. I have to say i've not really suffered any ill effects from the flu jab, but i know others who do have some discomfort, so I'll pass this on :)


I had a appointment at the doctors on friday about a ear infection, but mensioned about flu jabs there as i am new to RA and never had flu jabs before, straight away he said i can have it now gave me flu jab in left shoulder and pneumonia one in right one ( not shoulder i mean top of arm) wish i new about this then top arms am stiff and a bit painful to touch now guess this will were off soon hopefully but thanks for posting as i now know for next time.lee


Brill information as I am going for mine in a couple of days.....


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