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Had my flu jab on Tuesday, GP assured me I must have it because of my asthma and other problems and thought my RA would not be affected. Anyway, I got up Thursday and felt so so sick, this lasted for two days. My gland under the left arm (same side as jab) has swollen so much it is hanging like an apple and my RA has gone into overdrive. My elbows and jaw are the worst, very hot and swollen and I generally feel awful. I have heard that other people have been reporting quite severe fallout from flu jabs this year, and I would be pleased if any on our group have experienced problems. I was told to not take normal MTX injection this week so have done as told! Lynda x

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  • Hello BOB here

    I had my flu jab 3 weeks ago, about one week after I cam down with a cold that was not, if you understand double negatives. It lasted about five days, then when I thought it was on its way out it came back and bit me on the bum again. Now it seems to have cleared, although have still got the cough. Sometimes we seem to get something after the jab like this, although they say the virus is dead. So will leave that to other people to decide. All years are not the same, although it is strange when something gives a kick back


  • Hi Bob, hope you will soon get rid of your cough, seems to be a bit of a lottery with the side effects, but as others are saying just think what the full monty of flu would be like, horrendous ! I have been lucky with past jabs never having any reaction before, take care, lynda x

  • Hi

    I had mine 4 weeks at I think. I haven't had any issues at all

    I hope it passes through soon and you begin to feel better

  • Hi Ronnie, perhaps flu jab not to blame then, perhaps it's just my body saying enough is enough!! I have been overdoing things lately and lots of stress as well. Our daughter getting ready to move house and my husband and I have been looking after our lovely 11 yr old grandson for a couple of days. Unfortunately he is autistic and needs lots of attention, he has returned home now and I am totally exhausted. We have promised ourselves a restful week ahead but nothing ever seems to pan out that way! Life seems to be a real struggle at present. Lynda x

  • Hi, I had flu jab two weeks ago and have been fine also. Clemmie

  • Hi Lynda, ye you probably run down by the sounds of everything going on in ur life. But my take on if u feel bad after injections is , if u feel that bad after a tiny dose of the illness how bad would u be after a full dose of real flu!?

    My friends son and my nephew are autistic , it can be a challenge can't it so I bet ur daughter was glad of her help whilst moving .

    I don't know if it's in ur area there's a charity in our called Daisychain which is a youth club for lots of autistic or kids on various parts of the syndrome meet and actually do learn to socialise and cope with becoming teenagers. , it's a great charity .

    I hope I feel better soon and if not a quick check up might be a good idea specially if ur glands are up under ur arm? And ur daughters move goes well.

  • Hi allanah, I am pleased to say I am feeling bit better today, glands still up, so when I go down for my routine bloods tomorrow I shall ask our surgery nurse what she thinks. Thanks for your kind thoughts re. Our autistic grandson. Our daughter does get involved with a support group but to be honest we find family support is very essential. Our grandson is very gifted with maths, IT and science, so being autistic as well is even more challenging. He has recently sat entrance exam for grammar school - he was not too impressed by that, he will find out in March whether he is in or not. We try to do our bit but it is exhausting for hubby and me, but we do love having him to stay and keep a room here specially for him. Lynda x

  • Ye we have the same with R , he too is amazing with IT and maths , talking to girls. , rubbish ! That's where the group comes in ! But he's great to have around , we took him surfing on his lady visit here and after 10 mins loved it!

    Glad U r feeling better xx

  • Hi Lynda, I felt pretty rotten for almost a fortnight after my flu jab. I had no energy, ached more than usual and just felt pretty fragile. I must admit though it was preferable to having flu x

  • Hi Pauly, hope you are feeling better now and let's hope these jabs really do keep the pesky flu away! Take care, lynda x

  • sorry to read that you are having problems after flu jab. I was given a leaflet telling you what to do if you had a reaction. So i would ring GP tomorrow and let them know. By the way i was fine no side effects at all.

    hope you feel better soon XXX


  • Hello Chris, I am getting my routine bloods done in the morning so going to ask nurse what she thinks about the swollen glands which are still very swollen and hurting. I got stung by a wasp in the spring on my arm and the next day my gland under that arm was like a tennis ball and so painful. GP said he thought it was hyper sensitive immune system common to us RA sufferers which caused the swelling, maybe this is the same thing. Glad to hear your jab did not cause you any problems, take care, Lynda xx

  • I've had flu jab and no reactions. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Yes, it does seem to be different every year, depending on the mix they put into the jab. I think we got away really lightly last year with virtually no after effects from it. I haven't had mine yet this year, but I'm totally prepared to put up with cold-like symptoms - as long as I don't end up with a full on flu, which I just know my body couldn't handle.

  • This has been the worst flu jab after effects I have known, I don,t usually suffer any problems. I had to go to surgery today for some routine blood tests and mentioned my swollen gland problem to nurse, she had a look and was so shocked got GP in to see me, he was really concerned, said my immune system thrown a wobbler, but not sure if it flu jab or not. He told me to rest and not to take MTX for another week, or at least until gland swelling subsides. Blood tests will be back by Wednesday so should give some idea of what's going on. Like you say Earthwitch, what would be the effects of full on flu? Not good, so better to get the jab.

    My husband had his jab same time as me, he felt sick for two days, same as me, but he's fine now.

    Take care, lynda

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