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Funding for meds

can anyone tell me about what my dr is on about she said something about getting funding for my meds if no improvement. Had 2 steroid jabs last time and next appointment is only 6 weeks away because she said can't wait the normal 3 months because of joints. I just need to do my research into this before next appointment. Thanks


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Might this be because your doc is thinking of moving you on to Biologics? The rheumy's have to show that they are required as they cost hugely more, so they're not allowed to prescribe them until they have justified the decision. I think with some hospitals that means the rheumy has to make a request to a separate adminstrative department to get the all clear. Polly


yes i think that what she was saying at the time was a little shock when she said that if the joints were damage no repair for them this can't be true. Said there be no problem with getting funding (well just have to wait and see the way nhs is going) Also she was counting the joints that are affect then ask out of 100 how do i feel hubby reply 0 is this i think das. Can you tell me the name of the blologis meds


Hi Elaine

It does sound as if your consultant was talking about the biologics. As Polly explained they are very expensive and so there are certain criteria that need to be met in order to get the funding for these drugs. The first criteria is having tried 2 or more of the standard disease modifying drugs (including methotrexate) and the second is having a disease activity score (DAS) of 5.1+ on two occassions, one month apart. DAS includes a count of tender and swollen joints, blood tests results to show your levels of inflammation and a personal assessment.

You can read more about DAS on our website, and we also have a booklet all about the different biologics which you can download from the website, or give us a call on 0800 298 7650 if you would like to order a copy.


Biologics booklet:

Unfortunately if you have already sustained damage to your joints the biologics are not able to repair this damage but they would be aiming to get your RA under really good control, bringing down your DAS.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



Hi Elaine,

I can't give you better advice than you've already got from Polly and Sarah but I just wanted to add that this hopefully could be a very positive outcome for you, from what i've read and experienced, biologics (anti-tnf) treated early in diagnosis can make a huge difference in disease progression. I started a biologic August 11 and my RA has been in remission since Dec 11, I have the odd mini flare but nothing that slows me down.

My consultant has been amazing, I've been very lucky, the fact that your consultant may put you on a biologic sooner rather than later is fantastic,,,,,,but thats my opinion!! haha i could be talking rubbish :)

The one i'm on is called Enbrel, it has given me my life back!


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