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Hi, I don't know what to do.

I had cystitis last week.

I bought the stuff you can get over the counter. It eased a bit, but yesterday it was back with a vengeance.

I went to the doc and was given antibiotics, but I also read that cider vinegar is good for it, so I was taking that throughout the day.

I have taken 2 of the antibiotics, yesterday, and this morning my symptoms have all but gone.

Don't know whether to continue with the antibiotics or stop taking them?

What do you think?

Nic x

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Hi Nic,

Always best to complete a course of anti biotics or your complaint might return.



Hi, whenever I have had the same complaint I only drink Cranberry Juice or Lemon Barley, nothing else, it helps to flush out the system. I agree, you should never stop midway through a course of antibiotics.


Thanks, it's what I thought, but as I'd only taken 2 out of 28 I was confused.

The other thing is that they sent the sample to the hospital and it takes 48 hours for the results. They said they may phone me if the antibiotics that I have are wrong for the infection.

When I took the script to the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that what they had prescribed me would increase my mtx levels, so she had to ring the surgery for a different one!


Hi Elsa, continue with the antibiotics until you have finished the course. The bug can still come back if you don't. Drink lots and lots of liquid as well. Lemon Barley is better than cider vinegar as it is more gentle on the stomach. I also drink cranberry juice - don't know whether it helps or not but it is supposed to relieve the symptoms. Try to avoid tea and coffee as they can irritate the lining of the bladder whilst it is still sore. Water is the best.

They may have thought the bug was e coli or something similar so nowadays doctors all seem to take samples and send them off. I had cystitis two weeks ago and had a sample sent off to make sure I was on the right antibiotics - I was apparently when I rang the surgery to check.

Hope it clears up properly soon. It takes about 4/5 days to clear properly with the antibiotics. LavendarLady x


Thank you. Funnily enough my son had the e coli which affected his urinary system a few weeks ago.

Only just remembered that.

Nic x


Yes, definitely continue taking the antibiotics for either the whole course, or until the doctor tells you to stop. Just because you feel better doesn't mean the infection has gone away completely, and if it comes back again it will be so much worse and will probably take more different ones to get rid of.

Cranberry drink is really great for helping with any kind of urinary problems. Also cut back on caffeine and alcohol and drink loads of water. Helps flush it all through your system properly.


There is actually something specific in the cranberry that has been proven to protect your urinary tract from infections. Just drinking a glass of cranberry drink a day will really help avoid problems, and it isn't a bad idea to get into the habit of anyway as it has some good vitamins and nutrients in. If you don't like straight cranberry, you can get much nicer cranberry and raspberry or cranberrry and blackcurrent now.


yes continue the course but after it's finished take two glasses of cranberry juice every day and will help it not to return.


Bought some cranberry juice...thanks for the info.

Nic x


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