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Raised lfts and methotraxate- panicking!


Please can somebody help me- I'm panicking! My Rheumy has just phoned to say lfts raised on blood test I had done yesterday morning. Apparently the nurse called yest afternoon & said "don't take any more methotrexate & have bloods done again Monday" but I didn't pick up the message & injected my 25mg last night! I told Rheumy I had done this & there also seems to be a pattern that I get raised lfts a few weeks after taking antibiotics (it's happened 3 times.) he said not to worry, have blood tested again Monday and if I start to feel unwell; go to a & e. I was ok whilst I was on the phone but now I'm panicking that I took my mtx last night & I feel sick! Now I don't know if I am imagining it or it's because I'm anxious or am I actually unwell? I just don't know what to do! Please help

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I really think he's just covering himself as it's Friday afternoon so you have some knowledge of where to go if you were sickly.

I hope you are ok cos if they saw your blood results today they would have only have called you now And you would have had your jab by now?! hVd a good weekend if possible x

Thanks allanah, I have calmed down a bit now! You're right.... I could have left my blood test til today, would have taken my mtx last night of course & I would b in the same situation now! Will retest Monday but I'm expecting lfts to still be high, last time this happened it took about a week to settle. I just hate being on this drug, it makes me paranoid

Welcome & please try not to stress. I used to have 3 monthly bloods so after my LFT was raised after going from 15mg to 20mg I didn't know for nearly 2 months. If it goes like mine your Rheumy will probably think a reduction in dose will be all that's necessary when you see him.

The likely reason for your LFT being raised in the past is some antibiotics can increase toxicity. You may already know but generally we're asked to stop MTX to give our body a chance to fight infection until it's cleared but some Rheumys/GPs prefer to prescribe antibiotics that don't interact. Is it possible you've been prescribed one we're advised to avoid?

Try to keep busy, it'll take your mind off it. As you say we can start imagining changes where they may not be any the more anxious we are but if you do he do become concerned don't hesitate to go to A&E.

Why do these things happen just before the weekend? Murphy's I suppose, but let us know how you are after your next blood results.

Yep, it happened on a weekend before & also when I was going away on holiday once & I stressed all week

It may be worth thinking about injecting earlier in the week if you remain on it then. I do mine on a Wednesday & have my bloods done either on a Monday or Tuesday, that way if there's a rise in my ALT it's registered & acted upon in the same week. I'm sure you know RD & stress aren't good bedfellows!

Nomoreheels- good idea, I think I will change my mtx day/ blood test days

Hi just wondering what your levels were? wishing you well.

Didn't ask what levels were cos u knew i'd go & google!!

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