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Hello everyone

Sylvia here,I'm a long way from being free of pain,but am on the right road. This fibro is a pain in the a**e, medication is still being sorted out and i know that it will take a bit of time to get the level right. I just want to let you know that i feel brighter just knowing whats wrong with me.

Yesterday was my birthday and i had a lovely day, my hubby got me a laptop, daughter brought me a pandora bracelet, son brought me a laptop case and my best friend got me a laptop tray. So i can sit downstairs and play on it.

My birthday was more enjoyable now that i know what i can and can't do. I'm still in pain as it is very wet here in the midlands, so i won't be going very far today,as fibro doesn't like wet weather.

I've had such a long time of depression and pain i never thought i would ever feel optimistic again.

So for all of you that haven't got any resolution to whats wrong, don't give up and keep on at the medics they listen in the end. It might take drastic measures, but don't give up.

Sylvia. xx

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  • Morning Sylvi - You sound so much more upbeat. Good on you. Keep smiling. Glad you had a lovely birthday - and many happy returns!

    Keep positive. Julie xx

  • Hi Sylvi, so glad you are feeling better. Happy returns for your birthday - what lovely pressies from everyone. RA doesn't like wet weather either. It has been raining here on and off for 2 days in West Norfolk (and probably the whole of Norfolk as well - we are a wet county) so my joints are playing up but not too badly that I can't cope with it. Glad you are feeling a bit more optimistic - sometimes it is difficult to see if you will ever reach the end and get the proper medication to help but it sounds as if you are on the right road now. Get plenty of rest when you feel awful. Lots of luck. LavendarLady x

  • Hi, I know what norfolk is like i was born in ely, right on the border with norfolk.Spent many holidays in hunstanton when i was a child. thanks ladies for the birthday wishes,it was a lovely day even i was surprised by how nice it was. I'm not going very far today due to the rain. Had a good nights sleep, by my recent standards anyway. I think i got six good hours so i;m pleased with that. My hubby hoovered throughout the house for me and i did the ironing. Both kids are at work and so is hubbSo now i'm on my own, my neighbour is coming over for a cuppa when she gets back from shopping.

    Its lovely getting the laptop, just got to make sure i don't overdo the fingers, can't win can i, but never mind its worth it to sit downstairs and play on it.

    Take care ladies

    Love sylvia.xx

  • Happy Birthday Sylvi,

    Sounds like great pressies! My son 'borrowed' my lap top, and gave me his crappy old one, so unfair that was about 6 months ago! I got a kindle for my birthday, and have just downloaded my first book!

    So good to hear you sounding brighter. I went to see my podiatrist this morn as very bad callouss? She said nice to see me more cheerful than I had been on my first visit about 2 years ago, I don't remember feeling that bad that my pod thought I was depressed, but just shows you!

    Keep well, Gina.

  • Happy birthday :)

    glad to hear your feeling better x

  • gina you don't always see what others see.sometimes the way we behave shows that we're not at the top of our game due to the pain and fatique we have. It always cheer us up when someone says something nice to us and that people actually notice, which is nice. I don't know what age you are, i'm 56yrs and i think the way i feel nobody even sees me let alone notice how i look or feel. I bet that made you feel great.

    You will have to tell your son to buy you a new one!!!! I don't know much abput the kindle, i've a\ long way to go before i know what i'm doing with this laptop. Hopefully my daughter knows more about computers than i do, and the joys of youth. It will be a case of "you push this,this and that and its done" i need to be told half a dozen times before i get it, age thing again.

    I'm glad your more cheerful like me, but still got a lot of pain, but who cares, we're alive.

    Love, Sylvia xx

  • Happy birthday. I would love those pressies.. well done take care

    Alison x

  • Alison, i'm having fun sitting here with my laptop and talking to lovely people like you. Its nice to talk about positive things instead of the dreaded diseases that we suffer from.

    Sylvia. xx

  • Hey Sylvia many happy returns! I know exactly what you mean about knowing what is wrong and getting depression from uncertainty and feeling it must be all in the head - muddle over what comes first the depression or the pain or the tiredness - it's horrible I will be so relieved when I get a diagnosis finally whatever this is. Enjoy every moment of your day and being alive!

    Tilda x

  • will do tilda, I don't like this weather as it makes me ache, but never mind i just have to rest, end of subject. I happy knowing whats wrong.Thank you for birthday wishes.

    Sylvia. xx

  • Oh we are the lucky ones then as the sunshine has been here for the day (and the famous Scottish midges!) - for the week actually - but don't worry the forecast for tomorrow and onwards is dire with rain and gale force winds. I'm dreading it all. But I'll appreciate the lovely evening sunshine now for you too - close your eyes and pretend (minus the midges though!). Tilda xx

  • Hi Sylvi, just want to say I'm so glad your feeling brighter and to wish you a "Happy Birthday" for yesterday hope you had a wonderful day you deserve it.

    Didn't realise you were from the Midlands, I am too. I live close to the Merry Hill centre. Can't work out from the map whereabouts you are from though.

    Take care

    mand xx

  • Mand

    I live between nuneaton and coventry, a village called bulkington,about 2 miles outside bedworth, does that help you to locate me.

    Sylvia. xx

  • Yes a little, the Nuneaton and Coventry bit anyway, lol!

    I can tell your making the most of your new laptop you were quick answering me then.

    take care

    mand xx

  • mand, am resting got nothing to do so i might as well cheer you and everyone else up. I.m good for some things.

    Now going to have a bath, will take laptop upstairs and put it on the bed while i bath.

    Sylvia. xx

  • yes you dont want the lap tap in the bath!! lol x

  • no i don't,but i;ve spent the evening playing solataire, its driving me nuts, but at least i'm smiling.

    Night everyone.


  • Morning lovely people, Here i am having had a good nights sleep, by my standard anyway. I feel as a button. Went up the village on my scooter, gave my daughter grace some stick when i went to the spar to get milk. I brought her a bottle of coke as well. Saw people that i know and gave a bit of grieve good natured by the way. Came home and now i know i've got to rest for a bit. My darling hubby is making the tea, so i'm going to enjoy that. Just to let you ll know i'n feeling a bit more like my old self, so i'm going to enjoy it for as long as its here. My body aches a bit, but i don't mind that. So heres to a lovely afternoon to each and every one of you.

    Sylvia. XXX

  • Good to know you slept better Sylvia, and feeling more like your old self too that's always a good thing.

    Have a lovely day and take care, that solitaire is so addictive helps take your mind off the pain though sometimes!

    mand xx

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