Hello everyone, me again. I went to Walsgrave hospital yesterday to get my eyes sorted out. I had the lower tea ducts cauterised to help my dry eyes. The care was very good, the nurses were wonderful as well. I've got a lovely black eye in my right side. Thats because when i went into theatre and got on the bed the surgeon came anethethatise me i wasn't prepared for the needle and i froze, hence tha black eye. When he came to do the left eye i was more prepared.. It was over before i knew what was going on.

Then back to aftercare and a couple of cups of tea and bob came to fetch me and home i went.

I'm glad its over, my sight is clearer.

Today is not a good day as i;m in a bit pain, but knowing whats wrong has made all the difference. I'm more relaxed about everything now. So here i am resting downstairs playing on the laptop that my family have brought me for my birthday, i know its not until thursday, but i'm enjoying myself, and my hubby is pleased that i'm happier, hence he's letting me use it before thursday.


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  • Hi Sylvi. Glad that is over for you. A new laptop eh? Whatever next! Although you are achy and in pain, you sound much happier, and relaxed like you say.

    Keep positive.

    take care

    Julie xx

  • Yes julie i do feel happier, but thats down to knowing whats wrong with me.I can sit here and browse. I know it won't always be like this, but i will enjoy what i've got.

    sylvia xx

  • Hi Sylvi

    Glad to know you are feeling a little happier, it does make such a difference doesnt it just having a proper diagnosis. I hope i didnt go on too much on my last posting on your fibromyalgia2 blog, if i did i am sorry. I know what it can be like people trying to explain symtons etc. I used to be a nurse up until 2008 then the RA got the better of me,

    Take care and an early happy birthday from me for Thursday

    Best wishes

    Judy x

  • hi julie,

    no you didn't go on so don't worry about that. I found it informative. Its nice to know that people understand what the hell i'm rabbiting on about.Its sad that i have to get to crisis point before anybody in the nhs listens to me. I've seen others on this site with ra who also have fibro, i didn't think that they were related.

    Thanks for your good wishes, i will now have a good day knowing whats wrong with me.

    I don't drink, but i will raise a glass of something to you lovely folks who have adviced me.


  • Hi Sylvi, so glad the op was a success but sorry your in pain today. You even sound happier though I have to say! I can almost feel your happy vibe through the laptop! lol

    Strange how we can feel happy about getting a proper diagnosis even though its not a very good one, at least you know what's happening.

    So have a rest and a play on that laptop, your feeling happy and that can only be a good thing.

    Take care Sylvi

    mand xx

  • thanks a lot mand, it has made a difference i can tell you. I'm going to enjoy the good times and days and the other days take laptop to bed. You are so lovely. Thanks

    Sylvia. xx

  • Pleased it went well and that you have a new lap top.. with the new meds you should start to feel a bit better xx

  • hope so summer. the laptop means i can sit downstairs more often, or in the garden as its wifi. Its a birthday present from my family, which goes down as one the best gifts i've had.

    The meds will take time, but is something i've plenty of. In a months time i've to go back and be given some more and to have a change of one of them that i'm already taken.

    Isn't it great when you hear someones got a diagnoses, i know its not always the case, but we all feel happier when someone gets the help they need. Also it gives hope to others.



  • Happy birthday for tomorrow!

    Hope your eyes are feeling better today, you are right, when someone gets a diagnosis and treatment needed we feel a great relief.

    You sound just like me with regard to your lap top - I just love computers and new programmes always have - even when I was working (retired now) - decided I was born 20 (or more) years too early! Workwise: if I was starting out now I think I would look into doing something more along the lines of graphic design than secretarial. My eldest daughter, when she was working, did graphic design and boy did I envy her. (To say when 'say when she was working' is the most unkind thing a Mother can say about their own daughter - she is working harder than ever - she is at home looking after her 7 month old son, bless her).

    May your new lap top give you the greatest pleasure (for the longest time),

    Judi xxxx

  • thank you judi,

    I'm still playing with it, i haven't found my way round everything yet. I might enrol on some sort of course to see if i can get more profficient on it as well. The eyes are a lot clearer as well, but bruising still looks horrid. If they had warned me before they injected my eye i propbaly wouldn't have flinched ,hence no bruising on the left eye.

    Sylvia. xxx

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