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I inject MTX and contacted the council as they collect full sharps boxes and give out empty ones in my area. Apparently, they will not collect cytoxic waste - neither will the chemists nor my Doctor's surgery. Other than eating the damn things, does anyone else have any suggestions as to how I am supposed to get rid of the sharps? Putting them in the bin somehow defeats the object! Many thanks for any ideas, and well done Bristol council for being stupid!


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  • Why aren't your hospital taking them Mine does. xx

  • Good point - I never go to the hospital as I see my rheumatologist privately so I did not think of them. I'll ring tomorrow and see if they can help. Thanks.


  • Who supplies your injections? When I injected MXT the company who delivered them also collected the sharp box. I would ask whoever supplies it if they can help.


  • Hi Becky - I collect my MTX from the chemist, using a script supplied by my GP. The clinic where I see my Cons. (and from where I got my first injections and a sharp box) will not take them, nor will they supply me with another cytoxic box. I have just spoken to the rheumy dept at the hospital, and the lady was really helpful. She said I can give them the full box and get a replacement. She also said she will try to make sure this doesn't happen again, as it seems to have been the first time this problem has come up! She stressed it is important to use the correct, purple lidded box, and to dispose of it properly so hopefully it will be OK in the future.



  • I get mine delivered by a company called Healthcare at Home and they also supply and collect my sharps box with no hassle.

  • I take mine to the Rheumatology Day hospital when full - that takes ages!

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