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Got a surprise email tonight saying my blue badge was approved, without mobility assessment. My OH Dr recommended I apply but warned about mobility assessments. I live just outside Dover, do you have to collect from county council, which is 45 mike away, or can I collect at district council, which is only 10 mile away. Have so much fatigue would struggle with longer journey 😏. I'd appreciate your experience. Thanks

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  • No you have to send ten pound and photo then they send it through the post love xx

  • They debited the £10 from my account, so I just wait then. Will make life so much easier

  • Did online, so photo attached

  • Yes mine was sent through the post have you got a bus pass too x

  • Too young for that. I'm only 51, but rarely use the bus anyway. I have my own car. Take train sometimes x

  • You can get a bus pass if you take proof of your mobility problems from your drs,also i have a blue badge and a buss pass and you can use your bus pass all over the country so if your on holiday you could catch a bus instead for a change. I rarely use mine,but it is there if i need it as you never know when your going to need it. Go to your council offices and get the forms you need to take to your drs and they will fill it in for you and when you take it back they will take your photo there and then and you just wait for it to arrive in the post.xxxxx

  • KCC will provide a disability bus pass on receipt of a letter from a doctor, whatever age you are. Got mine and I am only 61

  • You can get a freedom pass for trains i have 1 and am only 50. The blue badge opens these doors. And some areas do a 10% discount on cabs. Which helps with hospital treatments when not allowed to drive. Take care sarah. X

  • Sarah i didn't know about the train and it would be a good idea if you could do a post about it. It doesn't apply to me as i have a free pass anyway thanks to my hubby being a retired railway employee,but i do think it would help others as we don't know about these things unless someone like you tell us darling.xxxx

  • On looking on the web, it says freedom passes are only issued people who live in London. Is this correct or could I use it on southeastern trains. Thanks for all the info, we learn so much from one another 😁

  • Sorry thats correct just London. But might be worth checking what your council/area you live in to see whats on offer. I live in London. Its the same as the blue badge when parking in my area i live in it's free . But when i venture out of brough i can park in disabled bays but i have to pay to park. I hope that makes sense.



  • Hi Sarah, I have never head of this before, having to pay in different areas. The blue badge scheme covers the whole of uk ?

  • Shazzzy,

    I live in Hillingdon so parking is free with blue badge. When i went to windsor and enquired how to get my ticket stampped to get out the car park the car park attendent told me i had to pay.

    The same for when i went to warick castle.

    I was under the impression it was free where ever i went but according to some car parks its not.

    I've had my badge coming up for a year now.

    Am off to Brighton next week. So will be interesting if i have to pay.


  • Hi Sarah, car parks are treated differently to on road parking. Anywhere that is legal to park on public roads you can use your blue badge. So any roads without yellow lines, or any marked parking spaces are free to use as long as badge is displayed. I live in Glasgow now but used to live in Heston, so not that far from where you are now. Car parks are different and most charge everyone who parks there badge or not. The car park should display free blue badge parking if this is the case. As most are privately owned you pay like in Winddor and st Warwick. Avoid the car parks and You can use your blue badge throughout UK, not sure about Northern Ireland as I have never been, but I would think so. I used to love going to Brighton when I was living in London. It's one of my absolute favourite places, there is lots of on road parking there so you should be fine, if you can get a space that is !! Hope you have a great time,

  • Thank you shazzzy we love brighton too !! We go every year.



  • My booklet says it's free in my local council car parks, but that other car parks may charge. I pay £50 a month to park at my hospital where I work, and was told there is no concessions for blue badge, which surprised me 😏

  • Wow that's disgraceful. All my 3 different hospitals are free. Ibe sabed so much on my hospital parking alone. Sorry to hear that.



  • Even patients and visitors are charged a lot to park.

  • Hi run rig, I live in Glasgow and once I had my blue badge I used that to apply for a bus pass. I did not realise until I received it that it also gives me discount on train fairs. I cannot remember how much as I haven't been fit enough to use train in over a year. Shocked to Here you have to pay to park at hospital. We have blue badge spaces for both staff and patients/visitors etc that are free to park in Glasgow. All the best

  • Mine came through the post and it is really helpful. I really appreciate having this .

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