Travelling to India

I am currently administering methotrexate via the pre filled pen, in a week or so I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks to India, so will need to take two of these with me.

Does anyone know if there is anything I need to do to allow me to carry these? Am I likely to encounter problems at the airports. Obviously I will put these in the hold luggage, as quite apart from the fact that they are cytotoxic ans a controlled drug they are sharps.

I would be grateful if anyone could share advice or experiences.


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  • Hi Molster61,

    an extra thought here. It may be worth contacting the airline you are flying with and asking their advice. It is recommended that you keep any vital medicine with you when you travel in case your luggage gets lost or delayed. I kept my pre-filled syringes with me when I flew but different airlines may have different rules.

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thanks for making me aware of this site and for your advice, have contacted airline and just waiting for response.

  • Wow! You are brave travelling to India. Hope you've checked out what inoculations you need to have and whether they're compatible with MTX. Enjoy your holiday! Angela.

  • Have been before and inoculations still current, all before diagnosis luckily, holiday was booked before as well, hoping to still enjoy it.

  • Whatever you do, don't put them in your hold luggage. Far too cold! I travel a lot and have never had problems with having syringes in my hand luggage. I have a letter from Healthcare at Home which says this is prescribed medecine (some people have a letter from GP) and that's basically all I have ever been asked for, and most times not even that. I checked with the manufacturers as people have been given contrary advice and they assured me that it's ok to let them go through the scanners, so 9 times out of 10 they are never even looked at. The only thing you do need to think about is making sure they stay under 25degrees, so depending on where you're going you might need a cool bag. Have a great time!

  • Thanks, hadn't thought about temperature in the hold, when I get there it will be rather warmer, have been advised to store in fridge !

  • Put all your medication in a clear plastic zip bag at home and take it in your hand bag. A letter may be necessary from your GP.

    Are you on a direct flight? checks are made each time you go through gate check in, be prepared with your paper work and clear plastic bag.

    While in India watch the water, bottle water is available in India again when you buy a bottle of water just make sure the top is very tight. some time some places do re fill local water. Some hotels have purified water in taps, please check this. Hotel rooms do give bottle water.

  • Thanks for this, arranging letter from GP and taking Methotrexate book from hospital. Direct flight, fingers crossed for smooth traveling.

  • Just to add to bala's good advice re water, do remember to refuse ice cubes as well. For example, my f-i-l used to travel to India on business regularly, stayed in 5 star hotels but was warned by the Company not to eat salad as it's prepared using tap water. As he'd had all his inoculations thought he was safe for on the flight home so had a gin & tonic with ice. They failed to advise him that the water & ice cubes for the airlines are restocked locally & he was very ill (still in his system to this day) due the ice. I would think being immunosuppressed the risk of catching nasties will be increased so do please be vigilant.

  • Yes, ice cubes, very important. Please only drink cold water or any drinks in bottle from fridge un opened and you open it your self or opened in front of you, watch out for the glass. Same goes for on plane as well depending on the airline. Tonic water, cold is very good in India. Cup of tea in small shops, only one mouth full, you need to ask for a large tea!!!

    There are many over the counter medication you can take to India with you.

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