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Travelling abroad with MXT injections..

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Hi does anyone have any advice about going through airports with MXT injections and a sharps bin? I asked the Rheumatology nurse if I needed a letter to show at the airport (not that I'm going anywhere any time soon- that feels like a mountain to climb at the mo!😂). She said yes Lloyds who deliver and provide the MXT would do this. Lloyds refused saying that because MXT doesn't have to be kept cool there's no need. I tried to explain it's more about taking needles through an airport be it here or on the return journey but still no. I will ask my GP next time I'm there if he will do a letter - I fear ending up like a sitcom trying to explain to customs in Spanglish why I'm carrying used needles and a sharps bin!!

27 Replies
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Yes best to get a letter. And I would complain to Lloyds as they should do it for you. But your GP could do it.

I used to have a letter from healthcare at home, which no-one ever asked to see! But still, just in case.... It said that the the syringes shouldn't go throuh the scanners which was wrong. I checked with the manufacturers to be sure. And I never bother with a sharps bin, just take the syringes in their boxes and popped the. Back in afterwards and brought them home like that.

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Dobcross1 in reply to helixhelix

Thanks I'll push on and get a letter.

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I have travelled many times with MXT injection, just put them in the tray in a see through plastic bag out of their box so they are visible, I also have a letter from my MXT injection provider, I have had no trouble. Good luck on your travels.

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Thanks. Will keep trying for a letter.

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I ask for a “ customs letter” the week before I go from Health at Home..Lloyd’s should supply one if that’s who supply your MTX as also they MUST not go through the scanner at the airport as it can alter the composition so they must be taken through separate with the letter. I wouldn’t worry too much about the sharps bin.. I just put them back in the box as the needles retract so they are not dangerous & I put those in my hand luggage on the return journey hope this helps xx

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helixhelix in reply to Juliachoo

As I said above, I checked with the manufacturers and they said that advice was wrong and they didn't know why healthcare at home put it in the letter. So I have been taking putting MTX through airport scanners fairly regularly for 8 years now with no noticiable difference (every 6 weeks for many years...).

Obviously up to you, but I preferred to avoid the hassle of getting them checked separately.

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Thanks . That's great that you've taken them through and it's not affected them. Its put my mind at rest. Also thanks for letting me know I don't really need the sharps bin

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Dobcross1 in reply to Juliachoo

Thanks - good idea re the return journey. I didnt fancy carting a sharps bin!!

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Artroc56 in reply to Dobcross1

You can get a small travel sharps bin. I got mine from HaH so in your case ask Lloyds.

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I think you probably do need a letter. I always get letters and they say it cannot go through the X-ray machine because it can cause damage to the medication.

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I travel quite a bit. Mtx injections in my hand luggage and I have a repeat prescription with me. I have never once been asked for it. One time at .gatwick my bag went through a different channel and I said ‘you can see the mtx?’. She just said yes and that was the end of it. It’s not an uncommon drug - but like insulin and they see it all the time. I bring the empties back and don’t take a sharps bin with me.

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Dobcross1 in reply to HappykindaGal

Thank you that's really helpful

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Took 2 to Florida last year with no problems. Put them in a clear bag with the letter then put it on the tray next to my handbag to go through scanner. I had to get the letter from my rheumy nurse as the Trustmed Pharmacy at the hospital where I get my injections from wouldn't give me one. Put used pens back in the box and put them in my checked bag for return journey.

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Dobcross1 in reply to Shelley1701

Thanks very much that's reassuring.

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I got a letter/form from the rheumy nurse. Its in several languages and explains to airline and any other officials exactly what and why regarding mtx injections. You can also take a sealable sarnie box or similar instead of the latger sharps bucket .

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Hi I travel abroad a fair bit and I do not have any problems I have a letter from the hospital and copy of prescription I just put it in my hand luggage and keep in a dark place in hotel room I do not take a sharps Box , I replace the used ones into the box they came in and dispose when I get home just put in used ones in the case which goes in the hold (I have metrojet) I have never been ask what it is or been ask for letter best to be on the safe side if you haven't got it you will get asked Sod's law X

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Dobcross1 in reply to Tillie20

True I'll keep asking for a letter. Thanks for the tip re sharps bin.😁

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Forgot to say I don't even put in a clear bag just leave it in handbag and it goes through scanner cx

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Hiya, I've been on MTX injections since Dec. I asked my GP for a covering letter for the airport and they wanted to charge me £23 as I don't get my MTX from them but from the hospital!! They said it was classed as a private letter!

Needless to say I rang my RA secretary at the hospital and she had one sent out in the post within 48 hours free!

I've flown 8 times in the last month (long and short haul) each time with the MTX in the hand luggage outbound and the used one in my suitcase on the return. No questions asked at all. Hope this helps.

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Dobcross1 in reply to Tia53

That's great, thank you. Yes my nurse told me the GP would charge. I've asked Lloyds again this morning and they've said no again so I'm going to try the Rheumatology nurse. If not then I'll have to pay the GP. what a palaver!

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marie66 I’d just print it out and ask GP surgery to stamp it instead! M x

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Dobcross1 in reply to marie66

That is fantastic . Thanks so much I will do that. Really appreciate your help (and everyone's support on the forum).

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Dobcross1 in reply to marie66

Hi Marie just an update. I printed off the letter in the link and asked at the surgery if one of the GPs would sign it. Got it back 2 days later signed and stamped - no charge. So thanks very much again for your help! X

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My rheumatology nurse gave me a letter to show, I travelled with my injections and sharp box through Gatwick, I put the MTX and sharps box in the grey security tray and no one asked to see the letter. It was so easy!!!

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I travel from Gatwick every 6 to 8 weeks for the last 3 years just put metoject or whatever type I get on prescription in a see through bag, with letter from rheumatologist although never had to show it, then bring back to UK for sharps bin. Can't buy sharps bin here so best solution. My rheumy said must be in hand luggage as hold too cold. Enjoy travelling and don't worry going through security.

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Dobcross1 in reply to Uga35570

Thanks for all the helpful replies. Really reassuring thanks again 😁

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I would just bring it with the rest of the meds, in a clear plastic zip lock bag and pack the sharps container in your checked luggage.

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